19 June 2017


Wow, a month old. Seriously, how is that possible? I thought with our second baby time might slow down a little, but it turns out it goes by just as fast.

I filmed a full update for Olivia on my YouTube channel, which I'll link here - I'll get back to doing a written post on her but I love making videos and it was lovely to sit down with her and film this together!

Head over to my channel now to see how she's getting on at one month old!

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My second Siblings Project post! I feel like I should have been writing these for much longer - I can't imagine life without Olivia here, even though it's been just a little over six weeks since we had her.

Six weeks of being sisters, and Aria and Olivia's bond is growing more and more as each week passes.


31 May 2017


Whenever I was asked how I planned to feed when pregnant with Olivia, I always said breastfeeding. I said it with a quiet confidence that this time it would be so much easier. 

I breasted Aria for 7 weeks and combined fed until she was 10 weeks, when she eventually went onto formula. I was so proud of myself for this, but felt that with this baby I could do it for longer. 

When Olivia arrived, just like her big sister she latched on straight away and our breastfeeding journey started with such ease. We brought her home and I continued to feed on demand for the next three weeks...

26 May 2017


Olivia is now three weeks old. Time isn't slowing down at all and it's been another big week for us all!

As always, I'll quickly start with me...

At three weeks I feel like I'm pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy self. I've still a little jiggle to my tummy which just needs toned when I'm ready to do some exercise. My boobs are still huge with all the milk, but I'm hoping this goes down soon as we are no longer breastfeeding - more on this further down!

Now onto Olivia...

We haven't had Olivia weighed since her last update but she's definitely getting bigger! She feels so heavy now and is starting to grow out of her newborn clothes!

With each week that passes we're finding ourselves in more of a routine, which is great as routine and structure is something that I really need as a mum. Olivia will wake about 6:30 for her morning feed and then go back to sleep until 8 on days that Aria isn't at Playschool. She'll then feed every 3 hours or so and will go down for bed about 11 and wakes around 2/3 for a nighttime feed. It's made the nights much easier with her only really waking once!  

Olivia is much more settled with her sleep and is happy to be in her Moses basket and Snuzpod now, which makes life so much easier! She still loves a nap on us, but she's not dependent on it now. She wakes once/twice in the night and is much more settled when going back down, which may be a mixture of her getting used to life and her being bottle fed now.
I'm going to do a full blog post on our decision to stop breastfeeding, but we are now bottle feeding Olivia and have gradually gone from expressed milk to formula. However, the change has meant the last few days she has had trapped wind and from around 6-10 she's crying in pain. It's awful as a parent to see this, but the health visitors said this is normal and should pass in a few days, and the heatwave isn't helping! Y

Olivia is still in size 1 nappies but is filling out her newborn sleepsuits, so we're now in 1 month and 0-3! She's got such long legs that she fits most things in length, but her little tummy still has room to fill out. 
Our biggest milestone is definitely Olivia smiling! She smiles so much first thing in the morning when she sees us and Aria, which is just the loveliest thing! We've yet to catch it on camera, but she's definitely got a big beaming smile :)

Our other milestone is me no longer breastfeeding, which was a really tough decision but the right one for our family. 

And that's us for three weeks! How on earth is her next update her at one month old? Time really does fly doesn't it?


24 May 2017


Becoming a parent brings a whole new level of excitement to life, and preparing for that little arrival means a lot of shopping is to be done! 

There's a lot of big purchases to be made, and a variety of choices to work through, so to help narrow it down, I'm going to show you my current changing bag, the Storksak Sandy Taupe. 

This is our second baby, so I feel like I know exactly what I'm looking for in a changing bag. It needs to be lightweight, easy to access, have lots of storage, and also look good. This little beauty ticks all the boxes and more. 
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