20 February 2014

Week 22 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
23 weeks today.

Total weight gain?
12lbs… eek!!

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new since my little shop last week. Although I am looking to get a new coat, just something lightweight that will be nice for summer and will work as non-maternity, but I’m struggling to find anything I like! If you have any suggestions for where I can look, please let me know.

Stretch marks?
Still nothing. I’m still using my Sanctuary Mum to Be Body Butter, so hopefully that is keeping them at bay.

Has been a lot better the last couple of weeks. My By Carla Mum & Baby Support Pillow is great, and I use that every night. I’ve also got into the habit of having a little mug of warm milk on a night – even my hubby, Tom has started to do the same!

Best moment this week?
Sorting my maternity leave! Feels like I really am on countdown now. I finish the middle of May, which is the weekend of our first wedding anniversary, so will have lots to celebrate then.

Worst moment this week?
No bad moments this week really. I did have a really bad nosebleed the other night when I was trying to have a nice relaxing bath (that lasted all of 5 min) so I guess that was my worst moment. But I can’t complain with that really!

Miss anything?
I’m still missing wine, as bad as that sounds! I’ve not had any, and I know it is OK to have the occasional glass, but I am very stubborn so I’m refusing to even do that!

Baby J’s movements have changed a lot this week. The little flutters have gone, and have turned into full on kicks and jabs. This little one is going to be a dancer or footballer, I can tell!

Food cravings?
I did have a real thing for salt and vinegar this week, but after having a packet of Discos that soon changed! Man, those things give you cheekbones! Hehe.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?
Still can’t stand the smell of soup.

Don't know!

I’ve had a lot of back ache this week, but my By Carla Mum & Baby Support Pillow has been really helping with that.

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody?
This week has been really good emotionally. I’ve had the odd stress moment, but now I know to take a step back and manage things one at a time. Wish I had thought that logically a couple of weeks ago when I had my little meltdown!

Looking forward to?
Tom and I have been looking at nursery ideas (see last blog post for some pics!) so we are really looking to getting started on that.

And here is the bump for 22 weeks! 
If you want to see my bump shots from previous weeks (I've been taking pics since I found out I was pregnant) let me know and I will do a separate post!
Nicola xx

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