18 March 2014

Our Babymoon! Weekend Away in Manchester

Hello Everyone!

Just thought I would do a little post on our weekend away in Manchester for Tom’s birthday/our babymoon!

It’s so scary to think that’s the last time we will be away before Baby J arrives. Very exciting, but scary!

We travelled down Sunday morning (we live in Carlisle, so was about a 2 hour drive, which isn’t bad) and got checked into the hotel just after lunch. We stayed at The Lowry Hotel, which is absolutely gorgeous. We’ve stayed there before, so knew we would enjoy it.

Once we checked in we freshened up and went for a drink in the bar (fresh orange and lemonade for me!) before heading into town for a wander.
We did a spot of shopping and Tom picked up a lovely blazer and shirt for that night, and some new shoes as a birthday treat, and just had a general browse before heading back to the hotel to get ready.

Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we headed back to the hotel bar for a drink before we went for dinner. Tom had a beer while I treated myself to a Bora Bora Mocktail – it was lovely!

We ate at Wings, which is an incredible Chinese restaurant. That’s the first time we’ve been there, but will be sure to go back! the food was absolutely incredible, hands down the best Chinese I’ve ever had! And even better, we did a bit of celeb spotting while we were in there as Coleen and Wayne Rooney were eating there too!

After dinner we just went back to the hotel and had a drink in the room while all cosy in our PJ’s.

Monday morning we checked out early and went for another wander around the shops before heading back. As we were checking out, I had a total ‘fan girl’ moment as The Wanted were checking in!! I didn’t get a pic, but did say hello to Nathan, which I thought was pretty cool :) (sad, I know!)

We had a wonderful time away and we are now so excited to get the nursery ready for Baby J! We got the bedding this weekend and some paint samples, so it’s all starting to feel a lot more real!
Nicola xx

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