29 March 2014

Second Trimester Summary

There is some consternation as to when the final trimester officially begins. I’ve got several different apps/books/websites telling me it is somewhere around the 26th to 28thweek, but thought as I now have 12 weeks left, it seemed the right time to write all about my second trimester.

Everyone says the second trimester is the best. You’re over the sickness stage and have gotten used to the idea of your body changing, but you aren’t at the point where you are too tired and exhausted to do anything. For the most part, I’ve found this all to be true. I’m not saying it has been an easy ride, but I think overall I have enjoyed this trimester a lot, and I am looking forward to edging even closer to our due date!

I thought I would list some of the main symptoms I have had through this trimester:

Emotional Changes
I wish someone had told me what an effect pregnancy would have on my emotional state. I knew my body was going to change, but I didn’t know what it would do to me emotionally.

Around 20 weeks, I had a bit of a breakdown and was off work for four days. I felt like I was completely losing myself, and although I was so thrilled to be having a baby, I couldn’t help but feel very down about everything. I used those days off to have a little pamper, have some time to myself, and just think about what it was that was really upsetting me. It turned out that it wasn’t anything in particular, but once I accepted that it was OK to be feeling all over the place, the quicker I was able to feel a bit more normal again.

I felt so bad for Tom at this point. Bless him, he really put up with a lot! But he was so supportive, and knew when to ask me if I was OK, and when just to leave me on my own. I’ll always be so grateful for how well he handled me at that point!

Physical Changes
Bigger boobs. About time! I’ve never been overly lucky in the boob department, so this was a total welcome (TMI?)

Stronger hair. Again, another symptom I was excited to have!

Weaker nails. I didn’t have the best nails pre-pregnancy, so was looking forward to having really strong, healthy nails (like my hair) but unfortunately, they just break all the time.

Decrease in body hair. I love this symptom! For anyone who is pregnant, you will be able to sympathise with how hard it is to shave your legs after a certain point! So for the hair on my legs to stop growing as much, was a wonderful thing.

Dry and itchy skin. I have eczema anyway, but this trimester has been my skin become very sensitive, and i have been a lot more prone to eczema flare-ups.

Backache. I knew this would come at some point, but I really hoped it wouldn’t come so soon.

Bleeding gums. I’ve been very lucky with my teeth, and have *touch wood* never had any problems at all. So to have bleeding gums was a bit of a scary one for me.

Spots. I thought once my hormones settled down from the first trimester my spots would clear up too. Oh how I was wrong!

Nosebleeds. I’ve had a few of these throughout the second trimester. Although they are perfectly normal, they are really unpleasant, and freak Tom out every time! Poor thing.

Sleep. Getting comfortable is just a nightmare, and I am so conscious that I might be squishing my bump.

Indigestion. This has only just started recently, but I get such a sick feeling after I have eaten.

While there have been some unpleasant sides to the second trimester, there have been some wonderful bits too!
20 week scan. Getting to see that Baby J was growing perfectly healthy was just wonderful. We didn’t find out the sex, which just makes it even more exciting trying to guess who is in there!

Movement. When the flutters turned into full on kicks it was the most amazing feeling! I love when Tom feels it kick, his face completely lights up. Maya absolutely loves feeling it kick too, and she is so excited to be a big sister! It makes us both even more excited.

The Bump. Now that I actually look pregnant and not just like I am carrying extra Christmas weight, I love how even strangers stop and ask when I am due!

Purchases. We’ve been and got quite a few things for Baby J like the pram and travel seat, the cotbed and nursery furniture. It makes it all feel so real. I can’t wait to start buying clothes J

I could honestly go on and on about all the wonderful things, but this post is getting pretty long already! All these happy moments make the bad ones seem insignificant, and are a constant reminder of what a wonderful time this is in our lives.

The third trimester promises to be the most exhausting and uncomfortable of the three, so I'm gearing up for that. However, my excitement levels are going through the roof and I've still got 12 weeks to go - so they will help me pull through.

I just can't wait to meet him/her!

Nicola xx

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