4 March 2014

The Other Child In My Life...

I’ve written so much about Baby J already, and will continue to do so when he/she arrives, so I thought it was only right that I write about the other child in my life… my wonderful stepdaughter, Maya.


Maya is 10 years old, and is Tom’s daughter from a previous marriage. I met Maya when she was just 6 years old, and instantly fell in love with her.

I knew that being a step-mum wasn’t going to be an easy task, and when I first moved in with Tom I wasn’t sure where my role as a parent fit in to her life. She already has a mum and dad, so in no way did I want to get in the way of them raising her, but at the same time I felt that if I was to be a major part of her life, that I did need to have some say – or at least feel like I had the authority to discipline her.

Thankfully, I have never had to discipline her in any way. I can honestly say she is an absolute dream to have, and I am very lucky to have such a wonderful stepdaughter.

She is a total girly-girl and is obsessed with clothes, makeup and most recently… boys! It is lovely that we can bond over shopping trips, raiding each other’s makeup bags (I swear, that girl has more makeup than I do!) and talk about who our favourite Twilight character is.

I know there are other step-mums out there who may not have such an easy time, but it is all a learning curve, figuring out what works best for you as a family and where you fit into their lives. I didn’t have many people to go to for advice in the beginning, so will always offer the best and most honest advice I can for anyone who needs it.

Maya is so excited for Baby J to get here, and I know she will be the best big sister in the world!
Nicola xx

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