6 March 2014

Week 24 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
25 weeks today.

Total weight gain?
I hit the dreaded 1st. mark this week… was a very sad moment!

Maternity clothes?
My mum, Maya and I took a lovely trip to the Metro Centre in Newcastle at the weekend and after being disappointed by a lot of shops, I finally managed to find some nice maternity bits in New Look! I got two dresses, and some sweat pants.

I might need to do a separate post on what I got, because I honestly love them! They are great value for money and I could live in the sweat pants, they are SO comfortable!

I also got a couple of pairs of shoes from Primark, which are really comfortable too.

Stretch marks?
Still none, I’m still using (and absolutely loving) my Sanctuary Mum to Be Body Butter. If you buy one body butter during pregnancy, I urge you to buy this!

I’ve not been having the best sleep recently. I started putting lighter pillow on my side so that bump has a little more support.

Best moment this week?
Ordering our nursery furniture! I mentioned it in my Nursery Ideas post, we decided to go for the Mamas & Papas Chamberlain three piece set. I can’t wait for it to get here and to start decorating!

Worst moment this week?
I wouldn’t say it was a bad moment as such, but I was very disappointed at the lack of maternity clothes actually in stores – it’s as if us pregnant ladies don’t want to shop! Thankfully New Look had a big selection in store, but from now on I will be sticking to online shopping if I need to get anything else.

Miss anything?
I’ve not missed much this week, except for having a good night’s sleep and being able to get comfy on the couch!

Again, Baby J has been very active. I think he/she has gone through a growth spurt, as I can really feel body parts now, rather than just little nudges. Tom and I were watching my belly last night and you could see so much movement. It’s a very strange, but wonderful feeling!

Food cravings?
I have been eating chicken, mozzarella and pesto toasties every day for my lunch - I just don’t want to eat anything else! I was heartbroken when Tom ate the last of the mozzarella and didn’t tell me… very sad I know, but I’m blaming my hormones J

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?
Nothing new, still the smell of soup!

Don't know!

Just as I mentioned above, a lot of uncomfortableness as I think Baby J has had a growth spurt recently!

Belly button in or out?
Happy or moody?
Definitely happy!

Looking forward to?
Going away for Tom’s birthday/our babymoon next weekend.

And here is the bump for 24 weeks!

 Nicola xx


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