2 April 2014

Antenatal Classes: Class One.

Tom and I have just started our local antenatal classes, and rather than do a blog post on all four, I thought I would split it into one post per class! (I started to write this morning and I think it may be a really long post if I group them all together!)

If you haven’t yet been to an antenatal class, your midwife should be able to tell you about them as they are on offer in most areas through the NHS. The classes take place over four weeks, each week discussing a different part of labour as well as what to expect as new parents!

The first class we went to, we went into with an open mind. I had heard so many stories that they are a waste of time, and that they are quite patronising towards new parents. Let me start by saying that they are the complete opposite! I came out already feeling so much more prepared, and felt I could take a lot from it.

The Class
The first class was all about labour. We went through every stage of labour and what to expect from it, as well as how the baby moves and gets into position for birth.

The midwife teaching the class, Ruth, gave us tips on how we can move around to help the baby into position further and how to ease its head into the pelvis, and ways to cope with early stages of labour whilst at home. She also went through what happens when you arrive at the hospital, and again ways to cope with later stages of labour, right up until you are ready to push. Finally, she went over how the baby moves as it is being pushed out and finally tucked up in your arms for the very first cuddle.

She also talked about useful items to have with you, such as sweets, lip balms, isotonic drinks, and all things that dad can do to help you through! She gave dads some homework to do, which was to massage us mums and get used to relaxing us as we will definitely need it when in labour! I personally thought this was great, and will make sure Tom does this every night! Haha.

We both came away feeling really positive, and we’ve already spoken about how we are going to prepare for the early stages of labour and what we can do to relieve the pain, as well as help baby J along as best as we can. Who knows if this will actually happen at the time, but at least we have some idea of where to start!

I was going to write about all these tips and tricks, but thought it might make the post even longer, and I also thought it may be better to write about these in my birth story and if they were any good! But if you would like me to write about these, let me know and I will do another post :)

We’re really looking forward to the next class, so I will be doing another post on that next week!

Have you been to any antenatal classes, or are you planning to? If so, I’d love to know what you thought about them!

Nicola xx

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