1 April 2014

Are Pregnancy Dreams Intuitions of Gender?

I’ve always wondered if pregnancy dreams are intuitions of gender prediction. Obviously, there is no science behind this but science cannot figure out why we have intuitions either. We haven’t found out whether baby J is a boy or a girl, so I can’t help but wonder if my dreams are my intuition telling me, or if in fact they are just dreams.

Dreams during pregnancy are completely different to non-pregnancy dreams, and it is a well-known symptom that we will at some stage have. I’ve had anything from full on nightmares to the most random of things, and it is all based on our lives completely changing from the life we know now. I do enjoy waking up in the morning and saying to my husband “you’ll never guess what I dreamt about last night!” but I can’t help but wonder if the baby in my dreams is the baby I am carrying.

My dreams are very vivid, and I am always dreaming that baby J is a boy, to the point that I can’t decide on a girl’s name, because I really don’t think it is going to be a girl! I would be ecstatic with either, but the more I dream of a little boy, I wonder if this is my motherly instinct kicking in? Of course, if baby J does turn out to be a girl, I will know I was completely wrong… but if it is a boy, then I will always have that wonder if I really could sense it, or if it just got lucky guessing.

Only 11 more weeks and we will know…!!

Did you ever have pregnancy dreams that gave you an intuition of the baby's gender? And were you right? If you are currently expecting and don’t know the gender, I’d also love to know your predictions!

Nicola xx

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