27 April 2014

Beauty Haul!

You know you're a fully-fledged blogger when you get just as excited to photograph your new products as you do to use them!

I couldn't help myself! Not that I feel the need to justify my little splurge *yes I do* but it is payday, and my birthday on Tuesday, so it just seemed right that I treated myself to a couple of new things.

First of all, can we just take a second to appreciate how blooming beautiful these products are?!

I first saw this lipstick on the lovely Liza Pridaux's blog, and instantly knew I had to have it! it's the most gorgeous coral colour and feels so moisturising on the lips.

As The Body Shop had a 3 for 2 offer on, I also picked up this blusher. As you can tell, coral is my favourite colour and I it's perfect for spring and summer. I know I will get plenty of wear out of this. My third item was the Aloe Body Butter. I go through this like nobody's business, I absolutely love it. It's great for sensitive skin and is a lovely creamy texture that doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky after applying.

VO5 Heat Defence Styling Spray | VO5 Hairspray Extra Firm | Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Shower Cream | Maybelline The Rocket Mascara | Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer in 02 Nude | The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in 18 Sunset Romance | The Body Shop All In One Blusher in Macaroon | Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask | Collection 2000 Work The Colour Nail Varnish in Babydoll Pink

 I absolutely adore this facemask. It is my 'go to' pamper product. I love that it is all fresh ingredients (even though it means it doesn't last as long) so I know it is only doing good things to my skin. I love oats as beauty products, they always make my skin feel incredible and I can immediately feel the difference. I did a little post last week about a homemade moisturising body wash using oats, which you can see here.

I hope you enjoyed my little haul - It's the first I have done so I'd love to know what you thought and if I should do more of these!

Let me know any products you have been loving recently, I'm always on the lookout for new things to try out!

Nicola xx

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