23 April 2014

Make Your Own Moisturising Body Wash

Hi Guys!
Today I wanted to do a little post telling you about my favourite product for moisturising my skin… porridge!
I have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema, so I always try to look for products that are parfum free where possible, especially when it comes to bath and shower products and moisturisers.
I came across this little trick when I was having a very bad eczema breakout, and wanted something natural that would really moisturise my skin and sooth it, without all the nasty chemicals you can get in some products.
To make this it is very simple. All you need is:
  •  Porridge
  •  An old pop sock/stockings/tights.
Method: Take a pop sock or cut a section of tights, place a handful of porridge oats inside, tie at the top and voila! Easy peasy, and super cheap to make!
Just take this in the bath or shower with you, and the warm water will start to mush the porridge oats and give you this lovely creamy consistency that you can use all over the body.
It may sound like a silly one, but I absolutely swear by it, and urge you to give it a go if you are looking for something cheap, 100% natural and extremely effective. I use this when I feel like my skin needs a little tlc, and I can see the improvement in my skin immediately.
I’d love to know if you try this out and what you think!
Caution: do not put the oats directly into the bath, always use a pop sock or tights to contain them! I made this mistake once and getting mushy oats out of your drained bath is not an easy task at all!
Nicola xx
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