3 April 2014

Week 28 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
29 weeks today.

Total weight gain?
No weight gain this week, woohoo!

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new.

Stretch marks?
Still none.

I’ve been so tired recently, even at work I feel like I am nodding off at my desk! I’ve tried going to bed earlier but it makes no difference. I think baby J is needing a lot more energy!

Best moment this week?
Mother’s Day was by far my best moment. It was my first officially as Maya’s step mum, and I got the most gorgeous bunch of flowers and a card. Tom, mum, dad and I went out for dinner on the night - it was dad’s birthday too so we had a double celebration.

I also had a midwife appointment this week and went to my first antenatal class, which both went really well! I will be doing a blog post on each class. I posted the first last night, which you can read here.

Worst moment this week?
I’ve been quite stressed at work this week, which hasn’t been fun at all. I also found out at my midwife appointment that baby J has turned again so is now back to being feet down! Little monkey, I’ll be doing some yoga exercises to help move him/her back round again.

Miss anything?
Having enough sleep! I am pretty sick of feeling so exhausted.

Lots! It’s so strange, I can feel hands and feet against me now which is lovely :)

Food cravings?
None recently.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?


Tiredness, bit of morning sickness (mostly just feeling sick), sore ribs, backache…. feels like a long list this week!

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody?

Looking forward to?
My next antenatal class, and picking up some stuff for baby J that I ordered online at the weekend… might even do a little baby haul! :)

And here is the bump for 28 weeks!
Nicola xx


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