1 May 2014

Week 32 Pregnancy Update

How far along
33 weeks today.
Total weight gain?
Another pound on this week…. so dreading the 2st mark, but I know it’s coming very soon!
Maternity clothes?
Nothing new, still living in my New Look Maternity skinny jeans, and just pairing with whatever tops I can squeeze into. Also been living in stretchy dresses.
Stretch marks?
Still none. I’m thinking they may appear any day now as I hear they happen mostly in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Sleep has been great, just not getting enough of it! I feel tired a lot more now, but that was expected really.
Best moment this week
I’ve had so many great moments this week! I was thrown a surprise baby shower on Sunday which was so lovely – you can read about and see pics here. It was also my birthday on Tuesday! I had an amanxing day and was very spoiled! I did a little post with some pics which you can also take a peek at here.
Worst moment this week?
No bad moments this week, it’s been one of the best week’s I’ve had in ages!
Miss anything?
Still getting lots of movement, but I’m starting to see more body parts poking out like little feet and it’s bum! Very cute, but my tummy goes into all sorts of funny shapes.
Food cravings?
No cravings, but I have been eating lots of spinach and broccoli as my midwife told me I needed to up my iron intake. I’ve also noticed I’m a lot more thirsty than usual, so drinking lots of water.
Anything making you feel sick or queasy?
Tiredness, backache and slight swelling of hands and feet now (had to take my wedding ring off which I hate, but beats having it cut off if I get it stuck).
Belly button in or out?
Happy or moody?
Definitely happy!
Looking forward to?
Filling up my new changing bag! Hehe. I’m going to do a blog post on it soon so keep an eye out for that :)
And here is the bump for 32 weeks!

Nicola xx

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