8 May 2014

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
34 weeks today.
Total weight gain?
Well guys, I hit the 2st mark! I've noticed a big change in my bump this week so I was actually expecting to have put more on.
Maternity clothes?
Really struggling with everyday clothes now - there's only a few things that fit me! But I've got enough to keep me going until the end I think.
Stretch marks?
Still none.
Sleep hasn't been as good this week, I've been having a lot more aches and pains this week, which I'll go into more in a bit, so I've been a lot more restless. I have been having some really vivid dreams about Baby J though! They're getting me soooo excited to meet him/her!
Best moment this week?
I've not had any 'best moments' this week. Not in a bad way, it's just been a bit of a quiet week really! We did go purchase some little bits for Baby J, and a dishwasher! Oooh, the excitement of being all grown up, haha.
Worst moment this week?
As I said, I've been having a bit of a bad time with aches and pains this week. I've been feeling off for about 4/5 days and have have had a few stomach cramps and pressure low down.

I went to see the midwife yesterday and she said it did sound like I had a bug, but that it could also be the signs of early labour!! Really hoping that Baby J isn't ready to come yet, as I'm still 34 weeks...  but I will keep an eye on any pains I feel and if they do seem to increase in any way, I will be calling the maternity ward!
Miss anything?
Just generally feeling better! Ooh, and being able to walk around without feeling the need to pee every 5 minutes! Haha.
Still getting lots of movement, but like I said it's coupled with lots of pain at the moment.
Food cravings?
I've been sooo thirsty recently! So I've been making sure to drink as much water as possible.
Anything making you feel sick or queasy?
Everything, but I think that's just from generally not feeling well rather than anything in particular.
Tiredness, backache, slight swelling of hands and feet, stomach cramps, sore hips... gosh I feel like this list is getting longer every week!
Belly button in or out?
In, but depending on where Baby J is lying it can be pretty flat.
Happy or moody?
Happy mostly, even though I've not been feeling so good!
Looking forward to?
Finishing for maternity leave next week! I feel so ready to finish work now, I'm just exhausted when there and don't feel like I can fully concentrate.
And here is the bump for 33 weeks!

Nicola xx

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