11 May 2014

What's In My Hospital Bag?

When I first started blogging, the 'What's In My Hospital Bag' post was the one I was looking forward to writing the most - because it meant that it wouldn't be long before we actually got to meet Baby J!

I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant, which still gives me a bit of time... but as you may have read in my Week 33 Pregnancy Update, I've been having a few aches and pains recently, which the midwife thought could be early labour! So I wanted my bags packed well in advance, just in case Baby J decided to make an early appearance!

I decided to pack two separate bags, one for me and one for Baby J. I did try to pack just one bag, but felt that everything was really unorganised - and that just stresses me out!

First up is Baby J's bag!

I am using my Storksak Caroline changing bag. I love how many different compartments there are, which keep everything really organised. I did a post all about this bag which you can read here.
Inside I have packed:
1 pack of Pampers New Born nappies (23 in a pack)
1 pack of Pampers Natural Clean Fragrance Free wipes
5 vests
3 sleepsuits
1 velour 'coming home' sleepsuit
1 cardigan
2 hats
2 bibs
2 pairs of socks
2 pairs of cotton scratch mitts
3 muslins
1 blanket
Antibacterial hand sanitiser
And here is what I have packed for mummy!
 Inside I have packed:
1 nightie for labour
1 set of PJ's for after labour/overnight (if staying)
1 dressing gown
1 going home outfit (maternity sweat pants and baggy jumper)
2 packs of Boots ultra towels
1 pack of 5 dark knickers
1 towel
Wash bag with toiletries
Slipper socks
Hairbrush and hairbands
In my wash bag I have included:
Face wipes
Face wash
Dry Shampoo
Lip balm
Other items I will be taking but are not included in my bag yet are my maternity notes, camera and charger, phone charger, energy drinks and snacks for both Tom and I.
I hope you've enjoyed having a little nosey through my bags! I know how much I've enjoyed looking at other peoples posts and videos, as they've really helped me decide what I will/won't need.
I'd love to know what your hospital bag essentials were, and was there anything you took that you didn't need? If you have done a post of your bag, please leave me a link in the comments so I can have a peek :)

Thanks for reading!
Nicola xx


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