7 June 2014

Baby J's Nursery Tour

Well Guys, I'm finally posting Baby J's nursery room tour!

I've been holding off doing this post until friends and family got to have a little look, but I am super excited to be sharing this with you all.

As you know, we don't know whether Baby J is a little boy or girl, so we have obviously gone for a 'gender neutral' room.

Tom and I both decided early on that we wanted a room that was warm and cosy, and would be nice and calming to be in. We shopped around for ages, looking at what furniture we wanted and finally chose the Mamas and Papas Chamberlain range.

We got this on offer in store, and bought the cotbed, chest or drawers and wardrobe together in a bundle. I love the colour of the furniture and was surprised at how solid it is! A lot of the stuff we looked at seemed a little flimsy, but this is fantastic quality and know it will be great for when Baby J is older too.

For bedding and furnishings, we chose the Next Little Bear range. I absolutely love everything in this range, and as you can see I've completely decked out the room in it! We got the bedding as well as the matching curtains, photo and wall stickers. I am a very 'matchy' person, so wanted to keep everything to one theme.

The teddies we have in the cot are all very special. The one on the left was the first teddy I ever got, which my aunty brought to the hospital the day I was born. The one in the middle is Mouse (he's actually a lamb, but we don't judge!) who was my favourite teddy growing up - I slept with him every night and he is very special to me, so it only seemed right that Baby J was given him!. Finally on the right is Blah Blah, a duplicate of my stepdaughter Maya's favourite teddy. She has the 'original' Blah Blah, but wanted to give her little or brother or sister one exactly like hers.

The moses basket is from Mamas and Papas, which my cousin kindly let us borrow rather than buying our own. It's really cosy, and extremely study for being so lightweight.

So there you have it! Our little bundle of joy's first room. I can't wait for him/her to get here now so we can finally make use of the room. Right now, I just like to sit in there and take it all in, it's becoming so real now and I can't wait to be a mummy!

Nicola xx

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