19 June 2014

Week 39 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
40 weeks today! Happy due date Baby J!
Total weight gain?
I weighed myself the other day and had actually lost 1lb!
Maternity clothes?
Since the weather has been so nice I've just been wearing maxi dresses and long strappy tops with my maternity jeans. Not buying anything new but for round the house my beach stuff is working nicely!
Stretch marks?
It's so hot at the moment, it's been really difficult to sleep! I've also been waking with a lot of cramps and sharp pains, and also need the toilet a lot.
Best moment this week?
I've been quite busy this week with having friends and family visit, which as been lovely. Also, Tom had a day off work yesterday so was great spending some time with him. His mum and dad came down for lunch and to help us do some work in the garden. The men did the grafting and his mum and I played with my niece, Grace who also came too!
Worst moment this week?
You may have seen my post earlier this week saying how fed up and frustrated I was (I will link here), but since then I've been feeling a little better. It's just so hard living each day at a time, wondering if this will be the day Baby J decides to arrive!
Miss anything?
Not really missing anything this week. If anything, just something to fill my days with.
Lots! Lots of legs and elbows popping out my belly :) Baby J is now in a position where it is hitting on my nerves, and I get sciatica-like pains in my bum! Ha.
Food cravings?
I've not had too many cravings, just feeling quite dehydrated so drinking plenty of water.
Anything making you feel sick or queasy?
Plenty Braxton Hicks and also what I think is a bit of sciatica. My midwife came this morning and told me that is a good sign. She tried to give me a sweep but sadly my cervix was a little too high so it wasn't possible to do it fully, but she did say that it would have some effect, even if it wasn't the full procedure. I'm booked for another next week providing Baby J hasn't arrived.
Belly button in or out?
In/flat/out... it depends where Baby J is lying!
Happy or moody?
Looking forward to?
Finally meeting Baby J!
And here's the bump for 39 weeks! (excuse the Minnie Mouse pyjama shorts!!)

Nicola xx

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