15 July 2014

Third Trimester Summary

This was written before having our little girl, but I never got round to posting!

I can't believe my pregnancy is nearing the end. I remember seeing those little blue lines like it was just last week!

The third trimester has definitely been the hardest physically, which to be honest was completely expected.

There have been lots of changes and new developments since my Second Trimester Summary post...

Shortness of breath. All your organs are nicely squished as baby is taking up lots of room, so it's no surprise that I have been running out of breath just by going up the stairs.

Leaky boobs. Yup, I said it. The first time this happened it's safe to say I freaked out a little bit. Thankfully mine haven't been too bad, but I do know some women who need to wear pads in their bra's at all times. Sorry for the TMI, but you need to be prepared for these things!

Swelling. Another fun symptom! I took my wedding ring off at around 30 weeks, because it was just getting too tight. My feet have definitely started to swell and my face has definitely got a little rounder too!

Sleeping. Ha, good luck with that! Invest in a pregnancy pillow, or even just the use of a flat pillow will make all the difference.

Contractions. I've obviously not experienced the 'real deal' yet, but I've had the odd Braxton Hicks and they definitely take me by surprise when they do appear!

Nesting. I can't tell you how much I have cleaned/tidied/organised since going on maternity leave. For me, it completely consumed every moment of my day! It's settled now and I am trying to enjoy my time to relax, but have the marigolds ready - you'll be surprised how quickly you turn into Aggie and Kim :)

Agility/Gracefulness. Say goodbye to these two, you won't be seeing them for a while! You'll know when you've hit this point when shaving your legs is like a suicide mission, or when you can no longer see your hoo-ha! You'll get that pregnancy waddle that makes you feel like you should be dressed as Pingu, and getting off the couch or out of bed becomes a 20 minute struggle.

Bladder control. You will spend about a quarter of your third trimester in the bathroom. You probably won't need to go, but that little bundle of joy you are carrying will press on your bladder like a squeeze toy.

That last loop on the emotional rollercoaster. Unless you have some sort of super powers, the last couple of weeks of pregnancy will be the hardest. You are so close to meeting your little bundle, but it feels like the longest wait ever. Make sure you have plenty to keep you distracted in those last few days, otherwise clock watching will become your newest hobby!

With all these wonderful symptoms comes the excitement of not only feeling the baby move, but seeing it too! If your little one is anything like my Baby J, it will be in early training to be a dancer/footballer/karate kid.

I've absolutely loved being pregnant, and can't believe it's almost over. But with that, we are finally going to meet our son or daughter - which makes me tear up at just the thought!

How have you found each stage of pregnancy? Has there been a best and worst moment for you?

Nicola xx

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