5 June 2014

Week 37 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
38 weeks today.

Total weight gain?
I haven't weighed myself since last week, so I'm not sure if I have gained any more since my last update!

Maternity clothes?
Same as the past few weeks, whatever fits and is comfortable. I've been having a few quiet days in the house so this is mostly jogging/pyjama bottoms and an oversized tshirt (usually Tom's!).

Stretch marks?

Still not great. I'm been waking up a lot in the night too warm and restless, and I've noticed my hips getting really sore if I've been lying on one side too long.

Best moment this week?
Not that it's been a bad week, but I don't think I've had any 'best' moments. I've just been keeping on top of the housework making sure there isn't too much to do in case I do go into labour.

Worst moment this week?

Miss anything?
I've not really missed anything this week. I'm trying to just enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant.
It's definitely slowed down, but my midwife said Baby J is a long baby, so it's probably why it feels so uncomfortable when he/she decided to have a little move around!

Food cravings?
The random cravings seem to have gone from last week - I'm no longer wanting to sit with a jar of pickled onions and an ice lolly! ....really, that did happen.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?


My hips have been getting really sore, and I've been feeling exhausted the last few days. I've also been having some really painful Braxton Hicks - Friday being the worst! I really thought I was going into labour, but the pains stopped after about half an hour.

Belly button in or out?
In/flat/out... it depends where Baby J is lying!
Happy or moody?

Looking forward to?
Finally meeting Baby J! The nursery is all done, so all that is left is to wait for his/her arrival!

And here is the bump for 37 weeks!

Nicola xx
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