26 June 2014

Week 40 Pregnancy Update

How far along?
41 weeks today... a week overdue, what are you doing in there Baby J?!
Total weight gain?
I haven't weighed myself this week...I usually do this at my mums as I don't have any scales, but I forgot to this week!
Maternity clothes?
I've struggled with clothes this week as it's been super hot and all my nice little summer outfits just don't work with an overdue belly, so it's been a mixture of maxi dresses and a raid of mums wardrobe! Sorry mum :)
Stretch marks?
I've still been waking up a lot with sharp pains and needing the toilet, but sadly these pains haven't progressed into anything yet.
Best moment this week?
I've not had any 'best' moment, but I've had a nice few days enjoying the sunshine while I still have time to sit out in it :)
Worst moment this week?
I think the worst moment was hearing that Baby J still hasn't moved down, and that I may need to be induced next week!
Miss anything?
I've not missed anything this week, I'm focusing more on what is around the corner! At least I know this time next week we will definitely have a baby here :)
Still getting a lot of movement along with some pains, but they've not turned into anything more than that just yet! My midwife came over this morning to do a sweep but sadly same as last week they couldn't do it as my cervix is still too high - so I'm booked for an induction in Wednesday! Hopefully it won't get to that, but at least I know Wednesday is the latest I can go. 
Food cravings?
I've been trying to eat as healthily as I can this week, and try stop the cravings for chocolate and all things naughty!
Anything making you feel sick or queasy?
Plenty Braxton Hicks and a bit of sciatica.
Belly button in or out?
In/flat/out... it depends where Baby J is lying!
Happy or moody?
Happy mostly... with a bit of frustration thrown in there!
Looking forward to?
Finally meeting Baby J! Bring on the pain! Haha :)
And here's the bump for 40 weeks!

Nicola xx

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