14 July 2014

2 Week Postpartum Update!


I have a feeling I am going to say this every week, but I can't believe Aria is 2 weeks old! Having a daughter is finally sinking in, and I am absolutely loving being a mummy.

My recovery is still going really well. I've been feeling a lot more bruised this week from the stitches and just general pains from giving birth, so when we have been out the house I've had to make sure I don't walk too far or overstretch myself.

My body feels like it is bouncing back really quickly! There is obviously a bit of weight to lose, but again this isn't a priority for me right now. I am making sure I am eating well and drinking plenty of water, but this is for breastfeeding benefits rather than for me!

As for Aria...

Those lips!

Aria hasn't been weighed this week, but she will next week when the health visitor comes for her second visit.

It is still too early for a routine, but we are able to predict when Aria will be at her most hungry/restless/sleepy. She tends to wake around 5:30/6:00 where she will have a feed, and I usually keep her in our bed for a few hours sleep so we get plenty cuddles! She also tends to go down better in our bed at this time rather than back in her moses basket. She wakes again around 8:30/9:00 wanting another feed. This is when Tom and I take it in turns to shower and get ready for the day. She is usually quite alert and awake after this feed so every other day we will bath her, or we bring her down to have a little play in her bouncer until she dozes off again. Depending on her mood, she will wake for a feed every 2/3 hours from here until around 7, where she usually sleeps until 10. I then take her up to her moses basket and am in bed myself either flicking through Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, or getting a bit of an early night. She will usually go 4 hours before her next feed. We actually managed 10-4 the other night! This was amazing, but I did wake a lot just to make sure she was OK!

As mentioned above, Aria averages aroun 3/4 hours sleep at a time - sometimes even 5/6! Mummy and Daddy are very grateful for these nights :)

Aria is still breastfeeding, and again as mentioned, feeds every 3/4 hours or so. She has had a couple of 'snacky' days, where she wants fed every 2 hours or so. I have found on these days she gets really bad wind - so I'm trying to keep her on the boob as long as possible so she gets a bigger feed and isn't just getting the foremilk (I think that's what it's called!).

On Friday I had my first experience breastfeeding in public. I was really nervous about this, but I actually felt quite empowered doing it! It's wonderful being able to breastfeed and thankfully I've found it quite easy. I just need to build my confidence a bit more about the public thing.

Still in newborn/up to 1 month clothes and size 1 nappies. We have had her in a couple of 0-3 outifts if the weather has been really hot, so she is a bit cooler. The last few days has been 25 degrees and higher, so keeping her from getting too hot is challenging!

We've noticed how alert Aria has become this week, and can tell she is really taking everything in. She absolutely loves kisses and I can tell she is trying her hardest to smile!

We also have had our first trips into town and out for lunch, which have gone really well. As I mentioned, I was nervous about breastfeeding in public so tried to take her once she had been fed, but the more we have gone out the more confident I am feeling about it.

And there you have our second week! Tom is back at work on Monday, and I have to say I am dreading this! Thankfully my mum is going to have some time off work and so some half days, so I can get used to being on my own. I have lots of family around that are more than happy to help, and a few of my neighbours have just had babies too so I know we can all visit for cuppas and have a good natter/vent if needed!

Thanks for reading :)

Nicola xx


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