11 July 2014

Labour/Delivery Story

Hey everyone!

So, I've finally got round to writing my birth story!

I've tried my best not to ramble on too much, as the post was getting longer and longer by the minute! Hopefully you make it to the end... so grab a cuppa and enjoy :)


Thursday morning my midwife came to try perform another sweep, which sadly couldn't be done! Because of this, I was booked to have an induction on Wednesday, which would have been 13 days overdue. I felt a little sad by this, as I really wanted to go into labour on my own - little did I know what the next 24 hours would bring! 

Friday morning I woke with period-like pains. They weren't sore, just uncomfortable. I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I decided to continue my day as planned. Throughout the day, the pains continued and by tea time they were starting to get a little painful. I called the hospital just for some advice, and they said I could come in to get checked, but would more than likely get sent home. 

By 11pm the pains were getting stronger, and we're coming every 5-8 minutes, so we decided to head up just to see where we were at! I was checked over and was 2cm dialated, and they were able to perform a sweep to get things going. I was home by 1am and told to try sleep through the contractions and call when my waters broke. 

After finally drifting off, my waters broke at 3:30am! So we got back out of bed and made our way up to the hospital. I was checked over again and given some paracetamol, and they said I was able to stay in hospital while things progressed, rather than head home and come back when my contractions were further on. 

The morning and afternoon are a bit of a blur for me really! As the pain got stronger I used an exercise ball to lean on while on my knees, had a bath, and demanded more pain relief! I was finally given my first dose of meptid as well as some paracetamol and codeine, until around 4pm where I was told I was finally 8cm, and very close to meeting my baby! 

It wasn't long before I felt the need to push, and was given more meptid as well as gas and air. I remember drifting in and out between contractions, and Tom tells me I kept talking about the Boohoo website and what they had told me! Noooo idea where this came from! 

After a bit of pushing, they thought my contractions were slowing and they placed a drip in my hand in case I needed any help with bringing on the contractions, but by this point I was in the zone, and determined to get my baby out on my own! 

Not long after, I was told he/she had a head of hair, and when the head was almost out I was allowed to have a little feel! This gave me the focus I needed and a few pushes later our little girl was born at 7:23pm!!

As you can imagine, it was such a magical moment and Tom and I kissed and cried and instantly fell in love with your beautiful baby girl, who we have named Aria Lily, who weighed a chunky little 8lb 5oz. 

While Aria was placed on my chest, they tried to deliver the placenta. This was a little trickier than planned as my contractions had stopped, and there was brief talk of taking me into theatre. However, I managed to have a couple more contractions and deliver it fine. I also needed a couple of stitches, but nothing too major. 
I spent the night on the ward and after Aria proved she could latch on well and had a couple of dirty nappies, they were more than happy to let me go home by 11am. 

And there you have it! I think I covered everything, but it all seems such a blur to me! It was certainly painful, but the moment Aria was in my arms all the pain was forgotten, and every time we look at her we are filled with such love. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I feel so lucky to have her and Tom. Maya is also loving being a big sister, and I can tell they are going to be great friends! 
Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions please leave me a comment in case there is something I haven't covered!!
Nicola xx

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