28 July 2014

One Month Postpartum Update

Where has my teeny tiny baby gone?!

Aria is one month old today, and Tom and I can't believe how quickly time is going! She is really looking like a little person now, and it doesn't feel like she is a newborn anymore.

So a little about me... 

I'm still about a stone off me pre-pregnancy weight, but I only want to loose about half a stone as I thin I was a little too thin before. I'm eating a good healthy mixture of foods... But may have over-indulged on the ice lollies recently! But I've decided it's totally fine since we are out walking so much with the pram! 

I'm getting used to having less sleep and thankful I'm naturally a morning person, so the early starts actually work best for me. 

Now into this little stunner! 


We haven't had Aria weighed recently as the health visitor was really pleased with her when she came last week, so she will be weighed next week when we go to our local health clinic. I'll make sure to update when we do!

We are still trying to figure out a routine, but I think we have night/early morning down! Aria will go down around 9ish and that will be her until about 12/1am where she wakes for a feed. She will then wake again about 4/5am for another feed and go back down until 7ish, where we start our day. 

After this, we are still working out. The weather has been so hot recently that she's struggled to settle through the day, and according to Wonder Weeks she is going through her first leap, so this has lead to a few screaming matches on an evening before bed.

On a night, Aria will sleep anywhere between 3-5 hours. She only wakes twice a night and goes back down really quick, so we've been lucky to get some good nights sleep! 

Through the day, as mentioned, it can be varied purely because of the weather. She's a lot more alert now so likes to have a play/nosey for a couple of hours before going back down.

She's been pretty snacky again recently and I think it's down to the weather. She usually feeds every 2/3 hours through the day and at night will only wake twice. I am still breastfeeding but express 1/2 bottles for a night, as she seems to sleep better when we can see she's had a big feed. She will have around 3.5/4oz in her bottle - little guzzler! 

Aria is no longer in newborn clothes :( and is wearing her 0-3 month clothes now. Some are a little big, but they keep her cool in this heat! She is also in her size 2 nappies, which are still slightly big but the size 1's were getting a bit too snug. 

This month has seen so many milestones! She is smiling so much now, especially when I call her 'stinky bum'!! She's so alert and loves staring at faces, including her own! She also loves the canvas paintings we have in our living room. I think it's the dark background and metallic flowers that she really loves. 


She is so strong and has been able to hold her head up for short periods since day 2! She is starting to really love tummy time as she can turn her head from side to side and get a good look around. She's got really strong legs too and loves a good kick about! 


I think that's all from us for the one month postpartum update! I am going to do these monthly now, but will continue to blog about what we are getting up to throughout the month! 

Thanks for reading


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