19 August 2014

Goodbye Nicola and Baby J!

Reading this post, you'll see my blog has had a little makeover! As well as a new layout, I've also decided to change my blog name...

To be honest, i didn't think I would enjoy blogging so much, or see it as something I'd want to do long term. Nicola and Baby J fitted my life at the time, but now Aria is here I feel like I need a blog name that will follow every stage of our lives, and even possibly on to having another baby!

So after some much needed reassurance from you lovely readers, I've decided to change my blog name to Love Little Poppins! My nana used to call me her little Poppins when I was younger, and has taken to calling Aria it too! It's extremely sentimental to me, so naming my blog this just seemed the perfect fit. 

I hope you like the change to my blog! I would really appreciate your feedback, and even a little help spreading the word and letting me know any social media links I've forgotten to change :)

As always, thanks for reading. 

Nicola x

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