29 August 2014

Stressful Mummy Moments

Today has been one of those days where being a mummy is really hard! 

For whatever reason, Aria hasn't been her usually smiley self, and has spent a good majority of the afternoon crying hysterically. 

It's rare for her to get like this, but when it does happen, I do find my self getting extremely stressed out! 

I feel stressed for not knowing what is wrong. I feel stressed for taking advice from the books/apps I have. I feel stressed because I'm a new mum, and feel like I can't handle it. 

Hours of screaming later... all is forgotten!
Dealing with the stress is easier said than done, as I'm sure every mum has felt like having a complete meltdown during these testing times. But I find telling myself 'it won't last forever, she will calm down eventually' really keeps me sane, as I know these tantrums won't last forever!

I wish I had a tonne of advice to share with you all, but for me, I am learning as I go... One tantrum at a time. 

This isn't a moaning or complaining post, just a brief insight to life as a new mum - I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that can relate! 


How do you deal with these stressful moments? Do you have any magic tricks, or do you go with the flow and hope for the best?

Nicola x


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