30 August 2014

Two Month Postpartum Update

Hello everyone!

Wow, I never actually realised how quickly time went until we had Aria! Two months have absolutely flown in and it has been a big month for this little lady! 

Firstly, a quick update on mummy...

I feel like my confidence as a mum has certainly gone up this month. I'm a lot better at understanding Aria's mood and what is making her tick, and knowing what cries mean what certainly makes life easier! I have however been feeling so tired! The sleepless nights really caught up with me around week 6, but I made sure to nap when I could, and reluctantly let the washing and housework pile up so I could get some rest. 

I am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy body. Breastfeeding has been a massive help for getting back in shape, as well as going on plenty of walks with Aria, and just have a couple of pounds to lose before I get to my desired weight, and a bit of toning. If only I could keep away from the biscuit tin...

And now onto my litte munchkin! 

Aria was weighed at her 7 week appointment with the HV and was a healthy 10lb 13oz! I'm really pleased wit her weight gain so far as she is certainly filling out well!

Aria will wake around 6/7am for her first feed and then will usually feed every three/four hours. She will nap late morning, just after lunch and then again late afternoon. We have been trying the 'bath, bottle, bed' routine since week 6 and so far is working brilliantly! She will usually go down around 6/7pm and usually doesn't take too much settling, providing the dummy is in!

As I just mentioned, Aria will go down about 6/7pm and that will usually take her to 11pm/12am. She will sometimes wake twice in the night for a feed, but usually it's around 2/3am and then she's up at 6:30am for her first morning feed and to start her day. Through the day, she will usually have around 3/4 naps, and is awake around 1/1.5 hours at a time. Hopefully this will increase over the next few weeks to 2 hours or more. 

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may have read my breastfeeding posts and know we started combined feeding recently. There's another post to follow this week, but I made the tough decision to stop breastfeeding, and to move on to Formula. So with this, Aria takes anywhere between 3 and 5oz per feed, and feeds around 7 times a day. I'd like this to increase, but I think because she's been breastfed for the first 8 weeks, the formula is thicker than what she is used to so naturally gets fuller quicker! 

Aria is wearing 0-3 clothes and is still in size 2 nappies. She has been able to fit her 0-3 clothes in length from around 5 weeks - she's got very long legs! But there's plenty room for her to fill out, so she will get plenty wear out her clothes hopefully. 

We've really noticed how much Aria has grown this last month, and she's really filling out her face from her little newborn chub! I think she is starting to look a bit more like me now too :) 

There's been so many milestones this month! Around 5 weeks we really started to see her personality come out. She's such a cheeky little thing, and so nosey! She loves to be up looking around and taking in her surroundings. 

The biggest milestone has to be the smiles! She is such a happy baby, and it doesn't take much to get a big cheesy grin :) there really isn't anything like a smile off your baby, it is such a reassurance that she is happy, and that she really loves us! She's also started to find her hands, so is a lot more interested in touching her toys and having a feel of different things. This has also lead to her sucking on her hands constantly, and usually tries to get her whole fist in her mouth!

We also had the dreaded 8 week immunisations... Thankfully, she took them like a champ and I managed to keep it together! The days after her injections were difficult. She was off her milk and wanted to sleep loads (mostly on me) . She was all smiles when awake, but settling her at night wasn't easy, so the routine has slightly broken while she gets back to her usual self. 

So there you have our 2 month update! I can only imagine what a difference there will be in her 3 month update - she's changing every day and is always amazing us with how quickly she is becoming her own little character. 

Thanks for reading

Nicola x


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