28 September 2014

Aria's Three Month Update

Three months?! I say it every month, where does the time go?

I feel like the three month mark is a big time for babies, as they are finally embracing the world around them and love having so much to explore. Aria has certainly been taking full advantage of all the new skills she has learned!

Firstly, as usual, a little update on mummy....

Every week I feel like my confidence is growing. Aria and I have our little routine in place, which makes the day run so much smoother. The interrupted sleep isn't an issue anymore (apart from during growth spurts... argh!) and I'm no longer feeling so exhausted.

I have had a bit of a 'low' mood the last couple of weeks, which is pretty much down to needing a bit of a mummy-revamp. I've been and got my hair done (finally!) and treated myself to a couple of new outfits, which work better with my lifestyle now that I'm a mummy. I did a little post on this last week, which you can see here.

And now onto this little beaut!

We had Aria weighed a couple of weeks ago (she gets weighed the first Wednesday of each month) and was a lovely 11lb 11oz! She's gaining weight at a lovely pace and she's getting those gorgeous little chunky baby thighs I absolutely love :)

Having a routine makes a world of difference! It makes trips out the house so much easier, and we can plan and organise our day without too many hiccups.

Aria usually wakes arounf 6:30/7:00 and will have her first bottle about half an hour after she wakes up. She will feed every 3/4 hours until bedtime, which is usually 7:30 after she's had her bath.

We've been practicing putting Aria down when she is tired, but not asleep, rather than us rocking her to sleep. After a couple of weeks we've now perfected this, and she goes down with hardly any crying! We do have to pop the dummy in a couple of times before she drifts off, but at least she is learning to get herself to sleep.

This has meant less waking during the night, and she will usually sleep 7/8 hours before wanting a feed - sometimes she even goes right through the night!

Aria will take 5/6 bottles a day, and usually has 5oz for her first and last feed, and one around lunchtime. Any feeds in between she will take 4oz. I'm hoping to get her onto 6oz by next month, which I don't think will be an issue as there are times where she is looking for more after her bottle is finished!

She's really into holding her bottle while she is feeding now, which is super cute! I don't think it will be long before she is wanting to do it all by herself.

We are now into Aria's 3-6 month clothes and my gosh, she's got more outfits than I think I can get her into!

The biggest milestone happened just yesterday, one day before Aria turned three months old... she rolled over!! I couldn't have been prouder of her, she did it with no help at all and my gosh, was she pleased with herself after!

We didn't catch the very first one on camera, but we managed to get her to do it again and luckily I had the camera out ready to capture such a huge milestone! Take a look at my Instagram to see the video!
Aria is still obsessed with her hands. If they are not being shoved into her mouth, they are grabbing hold of any toy she can find! She loves to hold her own hands too, and plays with them in total amazement.


I'm already excited to write next month's update, as we have a lot going on! We've got a family trip to Centre Parcs, as well as a night away at Rockcliffe Hall, and not to mention it's Halloween! I can't wait to show you Aria's costume, she's gonna look adorable!

Thanks for reading

Nicola xx

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