4 September 2014

My Breastfeeding Story: Making a Hard Decision

Not long after I wrote my last breastfeeding update, Tom and I had a good chat about whether I should continue to breastfeed or not.

After the Health Visitor weighed Aria at 7 1/2 weeks, she wasn't gaining weight at the same pace she had been previously. We think this was due to me producing less milk for her through the day, as she was taking a bottle at night.

We were advised to alternate feeds, as well as upping my calorie intake to make sure I was producing as much as possible. After trying this for a few days, Aria still seemed quite unsettled after a feed, and would only go about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before wanting fed again. This cycle lead to the decision for me to give up breastfeeding, and soley bottle feed Aria. 

This felt like a really difficult decision, as I didn't really want to give up breastfeeding just yet, but I will obviously do whatever is best for Aria.

Three weeks on and Aria is thriving. She was weighed again today and is now 11lb 11oz! So since her last check she has gained almost 1lb - result!

She isn't taking as much formula as a baby that was bottle fed from the start, but she is doing really well and on the odd occasion has taken 5oz! Each day gets better and she is starting to take at least 3.5oz at a time. 

We've a long way to go still, but switching to bottle feeding has been a great decision for us as a family. Tom gets to help so much more with the feeds, and even Gran got to feed her for the first time! A very special moment for them. 

If you switched from breast to bottle feeding, how did you find the transition?

Thanks for reading 

Nicola x


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