11 September 2014

Review | Mamas & Papas Urbo2 Pram

Choosing a pram is certainly no easy task! We are completely spoiled for choice and each claim to be 'the best'. Hopefully this review will make that big decision a little bit easier for you...

Our first pram was unfortunately a poor choice for us. Aria quickly grew out of the bassinet and the pushchair was front facing - something I don't think is suitable for a baby under a year old (that's just my opinion!). There were several other factors that lead to our hatred of said pram, so we went on a detailed and thorough search for something that would last us a lot longer than three months. 

We finally settled on the Mamas & Papas Urbo2, and by gosh, what a little gem this thing is! 

First of all, it's stunning. It comes in a variation of colours - we chose Camel, which has a camel hood, charcoal base and brown leather handles... Gorgeous I know! We also chose the camel and navy cold weather plus footmuff to go with it.

One of the main factors that made the Urbo2 the pram for us, is that the seat can face either direction, and can be changed at the slightest of ease. The seat is height adjustable, so can lie completely flat, sit at a slight angle or completely upright.

The pram itself is as light as a feather. It feels completely weightless and it's so easy to manoeuvre. There's a wrist strap attached to the handles which makes steering one handed a doddle. Perfect if like me, you love to go on a stroll with a coffee to go! Not as easy as it sounds with a pram, but the Urbo2 makes multitasking a piece of cake. The suspension is fantastic too, which means that I don't have to lift the pram when mounting a kerb, it simply glides over with minimal disruption if Aria is asleep. 

The hood lifts so that it completely covers your little one, which is ideal on a wet or windy day (it also comes with a rain cover). There's a flap at the top which acts as a little peep hole, should you want to check on them when covered over. It also has a zip at the back to let in air on a hot day if just using as a shade.

Another great feature of the Urbo2is that in the adjustable foot of the seat, there's a hidden pocket which has a mesh net that pulls right over the pram to act as a barrier from any pesky little insects! Perfect if taking on your travels. 

Speaking of travels, the pram collapses in a way I never knew possible! The seat completely detaches and the frame folds completely flat - ideal for a small car or if lacking storage space.

If you can't tell already, I am absolutely in love with the Urbo2! I can't find anything to fault, which says a lot. We didn't purchase them, but there's also a bassinet that fits the frame, as well as adaptors for multiple car seats - perfect if just nipping in and out of the car and don't want to go through the trouble or transferring your baby from the car seat to the pram. 

I hope this review has been useful if you have been considering the Mamas & Papas Urbo2. I cannot recommend it enough! 

Thanks for reading

Nicola xx

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We purchased the Mamas & Papas Urbo2 with our own money, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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