30 September 2014

Review | Tesco Loves Baby Nappies*

The battle of the brands when it comes to baby products is by far the biggest out there, each claiming to be the best for your little one... So which to chose?

When the lovely people at Tesco asked if I would like to review some bits from their Tesco Loves Baby range, I jumped at the chance! I've heard a lot of good things about this range, so I was really excited when they sent over a pack of their nappies and baby wipes (the things that get us mums all giddy, ey!)


Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry Nappies
  • The Design
The pattern on these are super pretty. However, having a design on the front and back did get me a little muddled at first... Silly mummy ended up putting the first nappy on backwards! But after a quick switch we were good to go. 

Compared to the nappies we were using previously, these actually feel a lot softer! They aren't as bulky under Aria's clothes too, so they make moving around a lot easier for her. 

  • The Lasting Power
I was slightly worried that Aria would need changed a lot more frequently on these, but I was pleasantly surprised! The nappy absorbed the wetness really well without feeling heavy or bulky... That goes for any 'bigger business' too!

For a night-time, they last just as well as any other brand. There were no leakages and they don't feel bulky in the slightest. 

Overall, I would happily purchase the Tesco Loves Baby nappies, they are just as good as any larger brand out there and a fraction of the price!
I have tried out several other items from the Tesco Loves Baby range and can highly recommend the range to anyone looking for a slightly cheaper brand, without having to compromise on quality.

Have you tried out any of the Tesco Loves Baby range?

Thanks for reading!

Nicola x

*Tesco Loves Baby kindly sent us these nappies to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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