31 October 2014

We're on YouTube!

As you may know, I've been going back and forward with the idea of starting a YouTube channel!

I've bitten the bullet and decided to do my first video, which is a little vlog on our recent trip to Rockliffe Hall.

I haven't uploaded it yet, but I am one step closer to it! My hesitation doesn't come from 'strangers' watching it, but from the people I know! I know that is so silly, as I know my friends and family will be really supportive, but it is a little nerve-wracking thinking people I know will see it! Have any other bloggers/YouTubers felt like this?

Aria however is already a little star on YouTube, as she features in the latest Johnson's Baby video. When we were approached to ask if we would like to be involved in their latest Big Little Moments, I jumped at the chance! We are such fans of Johnson's anyway, and it seemed like a great way to dip our toes into YouTube... If you haven't seen it already, I've put a link below :)

I'll pop a link to my YouTube channel here. I'd love if you would take a look and subscribe! My first video will hopefully be up this weekend if I can build up the courage... what do you think? Do it, or not?!

Nicola x

27 October 2014

Aria's Four Month Update

This has felt like such a big month for Aria, she's changed so much in these past few weeks. She's really got her own little character and personality, and I can honestly say every day just gets better and better!
Aria gets weighed the first Wednesday of every month, so by the time I write her update she has got a lot bigger! So when she was weighed a few weeks ago she was a healthy 12lb 8oz, putting her on the 50th percentile.

Aria's routine is pretty much the same as last month. She wakes around 7:00 and feeds every 4 hours. Bedtime is 6:30/7:00 depending on how her last nap went. I did a blog post on our daily routine last week, which you can read here.
Aria's always fought her naps during the day, but went to bed without any problems... until this last week! She's really been fighting bedtime, so we decided to change our night time routine slightly, and this has really made such a difference. She will go down within 10 minutes and very minimal crying, and is only waking once in the night. Although, she did have a naughty little habit of waking at 5am thinking it was time to get up, but thankfully this seems to be over!

She's also just recently started sleeping on her tummy. It did freak us out a little at first, but she seems to sleep so much better now because of it!
Aria takes 6oz for her morning feed, and usually 5oz for the rest. She will have 5/6 bottles and during the day goes around 4 hours between each feed.

She is still in 3-6 months and size 3 nappies. She's really filling out her onesies in length now, she's so tall! But there's still room for a lot more chunk :)

Not long after last month's update where Aria was rolling from front to back, she's now rolling from back to front! She's incredibly strong, and even more strong willed (stubborn like her mother, her dad would say!) if she wants to do something, she's going to do it.
She's really holding her body like she wants to sit up, but can't quite find her balance, and she pulls her legs up under her like she wants to crawl! It's funny, as she gets so annoyed that she can't get where she wants to, so I think she might be an early mover!

We had our first family holiday to Center Parcs this month, and we took Aria swimming for the very first time! Safe to say she absolutely loves the water, so I'm really looking forward to taking her to swimming lessons next month.
We also have a teether! Poor little thing is drooling like mad, chewing everything she can get in her mouth, and can be a right grumps when she can't get the relief she needs. I'm going to do a post on what we have found helpful so keep an eye out for that. But if you have any tips, I'd love to hear what you've found useful!

That's all for this month! Next month should be an exciting one, as we have swimming lessons, a night away, and lots of playdates planned!

Halloween is only a few days away too, so make sure to check out my Instagram and Twitter for pictures of her costume!

Thanks for reading

Nicola x

20 October 2014

A Day in the Life...

I've been going back and forth with the idea of starting a YouTube channel recently, and one of the first videos I thought of doing was a 'day in the life' style vlog...

...but I've just been so busy, and I haven't quite plucked up the courage to get myself in front of the camera just yet! so I thought I would start by doing a blog post, and hopefully in the near future I can get myself behind the camera and do my first vlog!
So today was a typical about the house day, as the weather was pretty awful!  It went a little something like this...

7:30 Wake up to Aria singing and cooing in her cot.

8:00 Aria has her first feed of 6oz while mummy has a coffee and daddy heads off to work. We then have a play until her next nap.
9:00 Aria goes for a nap, while I get showered and dressed and tidy up the kitchen.

9:45 Aria wakes up and we get her dressed for the day, then we go for another play.
11:15 Aria goes for another nap and I put a wash on, get another coffee, and have a mooch about on various social media sites.

12:00 Wake up from nap and have a 5oz bottle.

1:30 Exhausted from playing, Aria is back down for another nap! I then crack on with some washing and ironing while dancing round the kitchen to the radio ;)
2:00 Aria is up again and we have another play. Granny comes to visit and Aria goes extremely hyper!
3:30 Playing with Granny has totally wiped Aria, and she heads down for yet another nap!

4:00 Wake up from nap and have a 5oz bottle.

5:30 We attempt a final nap, just to take the edge off before starting the bedtime routine

6:00 Awake from her nap and daddy home from work, we have a little play and a kick about with her nappy off, before heading upstairs for a bath.

6:45 It's bathtime! Aria has a little play and a wash, before heading into her bedroom for a massage and to get into her PJ's.
7:15 Aria has her last bottle before bed, usually 4oz and she is put in her cot for the night. While I settle her, Tom starts the dinner.

7:30 I head downstairs after settling Aria, which usually takes a bit of perseverance with the dummy! Tom finishes making dinner while I tidy the living room and get Aria's bottles ready for the night.
8:00 We've had dinner and finally sit down to relax for a couple of hours! We will usually watch a bit of rubbish TV, while I have a catch up reading and writing blog posts.

10:30 It's bedtime for us too! Aria may wake for a feed at this point (she has the last few evenings).

3:00 Aria wakes for a feed. Tom goes and makes the bottle up and I feed her - we like a bit of team work!

7:00/7:30 Back up to start the fun all over again!!

This obviously changes depending on what we have planned for the day, but I hope you enjoyed reading a typical day in the life of us!

Nicola x

14 October 2014

Center Parcs - Our First Family Holiday!

This weekend was a pretty special one for the Johnston family, as it was our first ever family holiday!
Well, technically it is our second, as this time last year we were in Portugal, but it wasn't until we got home that we found out I was pregnant!

We went to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest, which is a handy little 25 miles from where we live - although you could literally be in another country when you are there!

We got up to lots of exciting activities such as pottery painting, quad biking, swimming and aqua jetting!

I won't bore you with a long post about every little detail, but I thought I would share some pictures from our lovely little holiday!
Thanks for reading

Nicola xx

Giveaway! | Jack and Jillaroo Gift Box

What baby's outfit isn't complete without a gorgeous dribble bib? They are the perfect little accessory to an outfit, and where else would you to for these other than Jack and Jillaroo?!

They have the most adorable bibs. Honestly, thanks to them I now have a bib addiction (bib-aholic I think is the term?! hehe). Which makes me super excited to tell you about my first ever giveaway!

I've teamed up with the extremely lovely people at Jack and Jillaroo, who are giving one of you lucky readers a chance to win one of their new gift boxes! Exciting, huh?

They include a burp cloth, a single-sided bib, a double-sided bib and a beautiful picture.

Jack and Jillaroo not only provide super stylish bibs for little ones, they are also handmade in their Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Island, using the highest quality materials: 100% cotton material on the front, and the most fabulous organic Cotton Bamboo Towelling on the reverse.

This bamboo towelling has so many great benefits, some of which include:
  • No allergic reactions - Bamboo is considered one of the safest and most gentle fabrics to use against a baby's skin, especially for those with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Wicks away moisture - By being super absorbent, and wicking away moisture, the damp skin doesn't have time to build up any bacterial colonies. This also keeps skin free from rashes that can develop causing irritation to your child.
  • Anti-bacterial - Bamboo is aggressively anti-bacterial. it has a natural property called bamboo kun that kills up to 70% of any bacteria attempting to incubate on the bamboo, be in its natural form or fabric.

For a chance to win one of these gift boxes, including the bib of your choice, all you have to do is simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below - easy peasy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition will be open from Tuesday 12th October until Friday 31st October... good luck!

Nicola xx

*In collaboration with Jack and Jillaroo.

3 October 2014

Review | Tommy & Lottie T-Shirt

One of the many fun things about having a baby has to dressing them! There are so many lovely outfits for babies now, they put our wardrobes to shame.

Good quality clothing is something we all look for, and Tommy & Lottie provide just that!

Tommy & Lottie are a British company who specialise in unique designs, printed on ethically produced tshirts. They use the best quality 100% cotton, designed and printed right here in Britain. The owner, Katie, very lovingly named her company after her two children, which certainly gives a heart-warming, sentimental touch.

The designs on the t-shirts are simply adorable. You can chose from the nostalgic fairground theme, or lovable woodland animals. We chose the short sleeved carousel horse, and Aria just looks adorable in it! ...even if I am a little biased :)

As soon as I unwrapped the tshirt from its lovely packaging, I could tell it was of excellent quality. The fabric is so soft, and I knew it would wear really well on her sensitive little skin.

One of the things I love about the t-shirt - aside from the cute print and the soft fabric - is the poppers on the shoulder! I have no idea why some manufacturers think it's a good idea to put a button at the back, which is always too big for the loop it goes through (a rant I shall save for another time!).

You can tell these were designed with babies and mums in mind... practical for dressing, and a material that is breathable and allows them to wriggle around without feeling restricted.

If you would like to take a look at their full range of designs, please take a look at their website here.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

*The lovely people at Tommy & Lottie kindly sent this tshirt to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

© Nicola Johnston. All rights reserved.