26 November 2014

Sleep Regression: How We Are Doing!

The 'four month sleep regression' is a bitch. There, I said it!

I'm certain I'm not the first parent to curse at 5am when their sweet little angel is up for the fourth time and refuses to go back to sleep! Not one to be beaten, I decided I needed to take some action. I love my sleep far too much to now be going back to (or dare I say it, worse than) the new born stage.
 I follow Lisa Clegg, author of The Blissful Baby Expert on Twitter who wonderfully offers free advice to parents and I thought, why not pop her a little message! Safe to say that was the best decision I could have made.

Basically, she said that Aria was in a bad little habit of being reliant on her dummy/feeding/rocking to sleep, and was unable to self soothe. So that whenever she entered a lighter sleep, she was unable to get herself back to sleep without any form of support.

With the advice Lisa gave, we decided to go cold turkey and remove the dummy completely. We made sure Aria was sleepy, but still awake, and put her into her own cot for the first time. We then gave her a cuddle and kiss goodnight, put on some soft music and headed out the room...

I am the more strong-willed out of Tom and I, so I said I would deal with her while he made tea (I felt I had the easy job!!). After about 40 minutes of crying (I will note, not a distressed cry, as I would obviously comfort her if she was really worked up) she finally went to sleep. Hurrah!

Again, as Lisa advised, at 10:30 we turned the lights on low, gently woke her to change her nappy and gave her a bottle. Lisa said it was important she was awake for this feed, so that she again could fall back asleep without the dummy. She started to nod off toward the end of the feed, so we burped her and put her back down, with not a peep from her!

She did wake at 3am, which we knew was not just a whimper or a squeal, but because she was hungry, so we fed her and put her back down, and that was her until 7am! This was by far the best nights sleep we all had in weeks, if I could I would've literally hug the hell out of Lisa for this!

So a week on and I can happily say that Aria now goes to sleep without her dummy with no problems at all. She wakes once a night to be fed still, but I know she will drop this when she is ready.
The advice Lisa gave us was invaluable, and I would definitely recommend contacting her if you are looking for any baby advice at all!

I really hope you found this post useful, and I hope that for any of you going through a rough sleeping patch can take some advice from this!

Thanks for reading

Nicola x


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