4 December 2014

Review | CYBEX Aton Q Car Seat

There is a very good reason why the CYBEX Aton Q is the choice for celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Gisele!
Taken from their website... 'CYBEX offers car seats, baby carriers and strollers that are not only safe but perfectly adapt to urban lifestyles.'

Their products are both stylish and safety conscious, and the Aton Q is a great example of both.

The Look
Aside from the unique design and safety features, it comes in a huge selection of different colours. From the adventurous Autumn Gold and Hot & Spicy to the sleek Black Beauty, there is a design and look to suit everyone's tastes.

The Design & Comfort
Using a new function, developed from a vast amount of research from medical specialists and midwives, the Aton Q has an adaptable headrest, which enables the flattest lying angle between head, neck and chest, which is ideal for both newborns and premature babies.

The headrest can be lifted gradually as the baby grows, offering more room and more comfort. With the 8-position headrest, the harness automatically adjusts, preventing the difficult and awkward threading of the straps as your baby grows.

The large sun canopy provides UVP sun protection of 50+ and is so large that it completely covers your baby, providing complete shade from those harmful rays.

Weighing 4.6kg, the car seat is a little on the heavy side. It isn't ideal for carrying around for long periods of time, but it does show how sturdy the car seat is, and the high quality of the materials used.

The Safety Features
As well as the adaptable headrest and sun protecting canopy, one of the most incredible safety features of the Aton Q is the Telescopic LSP (Linear Side Protection) System. The extended side protectors are easily adjusted, and are designed to absorb the force of an impact and channel it away from the baby.

My Opinions!
Having used this car seat for a couple of months now, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!

I love how the car seat is adaptable to the pram frame (we have the Mamas & Papas Urbo2, which I did a rave review on here!). There is a list of compatible prams on their website.

Putting Aria in it for the first time, I could see just how comfortable she looked. The headrest was so snug around her, without being restricting, and the extra wide harness straps snuggled her in and looked so comfortably placed on her. It makes traveling an absolute dream!

Thanks for reading

Nicola x

CYBEX stocklist details: cybex-online.com and available in major nursery retailers.
Autumn Gold Aton Q (with Isofix Base) £229

*we were sent the CYBEX Aton Q to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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