13 December 2014

Weaning Made Easy with Spuni

Have you ever looked at your baby mid-feed and thought 'how much of that was actually eaten rather than smeared all over their face?'. It's a debate I have daily...

I found that when I started weaning Aria, although she loved trying new foods, that I was scraping it off the spoon into her mouth rather than her taking it off the spoon herself.

That was until we tried using the Spuni. In case you haven't heard of this little gem, the Spuni is an adaptation of the every day spoon we know and love, designed to improve the feeding experience for babies as they move onto the world of solids.
The idea is that with the patented tulip design, your baby learns to suck and swallow the food from the spoon, almost by latching on to it. By doing so, your baby learns to take the food from the spoon with ease, which means less mess!

From the moment we started using the Spuni, our weaning journey has become incredibly easy. Aria was never one for taking anything with texture, and would let the food literally fall out of her mouth if she didn't like the feel of it on her tongue. Now, she will happily try anything and everything with delight, and lights up with excitement when she sees the spoon heading her way!
The amount of food that used to end up not only all over her clothes, but on her nose, forehead and hair has dramatically changed. Because she can suck the food off the spoon, she's barely wasting a drop! She even likes to try feed herself now - such an independent little miss already...
The Spuni makes meal times so much more enjoyable for both of us, and I think should be a staple in every parents kitchen!

The Spuni is available to purchase from www.shnuggle.co.uk.

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*The Spuni was kindly sent to us to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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