28 January 2015

Aria's Seven Month Update

What a month of milestones we've had! Aria has changed so much these last few weeks, more so than any other month.
  • The biggest of all, Aria has her two bottom teeth!
  • She is now sleeping through the night (hurrah!)
  • She's finally mastered sitting up unaided.
  • She is moving non-stop (although not crawling yet).
  • She can hold herself standing with minimal support (walking soon maybe?!)
  • She's spent her first night away from mummy and daddy (read all about our trip to Manchester here!)
Why is it so hard to photograph a baby's teeth?!
I'm so happy to say Aria is now sleeping through the night! She has been since Christmas (a full nights sleep may have been the best gift of all...). She goes down anywhere between 6:30 and 7:00pm and that is her until until 6:30/7:00am! We have had the very odd morning where she has slept until 8:30, but naturally I then worry as to why she's sleeping so much, so don't fully enjoy that extra time in bed!

We are on stage 2 of weaning and after a little bit of fussing, Aria us now happily taking foods with more texture. She loves pasta, chicken, soup (daddy's home made) as well as a lot of finger foods, which I did a post on here. Now she has her bottom teeth through, she's loving being able to bite her food rather than gum away at it until she can get a bit off!

We are doing a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning, which is working really well for us. I wish my kitchen floor could say the same! A good excuse for a dog perhaps? 
Our routine hasn't changed too much, other than Aria being down to two or three naps a day. This helps a lot with getting out and about, although she will only nap in her pram... No sleepy cuddles for mummy!!

I'm such a bad mummy, I haven't had Aria weighed since the beginning of December! I'm hopefully going to get her weighed next week though - I'm curious to see what the little lady is! 

We are well into size 6-9 months now, but I'm sure she should be in 9-12 leggings, she's got such long legs I'm getting no wear out of the lovely Zara purchases I made in the sales!

I can't believe what a month this has been for Aria, she's growing so much! I can't wait for next month (I know, I say this every update!) as I think she will be on the move!!

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