28 January 2015

Bathtime with Cussons | #voiceofmums

My favourite part of the day has to be bath time!

There's something so wonderful about bathtime with a baby. Whether it's making them a Marge Simpson hairdo out of bubbles, splashing so much you soak the floor, or actually hopping in the bath with them... it seems to be such a special bonding moment for the family.
We especially love bathtime at the weekend, as Maya is here to help with the night time routine, and Aria loves sharing her rubber ducky with her!

We made a special video on our YouTube channel for Cussons #voiceofmums campaign, which I will link below if you haven't already seen it! Make sure to check out or poem too - I feel a knock on the door from the songwriters at SyCo coming! Haha...

The Cussons Mum & Me bath range is a huge hit in our house. I love how gentle it is on Aria's skin, and unlike other products it doesn't create a lot of bubbles, which I think can give an 'artificial' feel for babies. A little goes a long way with it too, so you definitely get your money's worth!
 Do you and your little ones love bath time as much as we do?

*we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with Cussons on the #voiceofmums campaign.

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