23 January 2015

Manchester | Australasia & The Lion King

You'll know by my recent Twitter spam and blog posts that Tom and I were spending our first night away from Aria this week. A strange feeling to say the least, but we certainly made sure our night away was extra special!

We headed on our little trip to Manchester for a night of wining, dining, the theatre and of course, shopping!

Rather than spend ages on a lengthy post, I'll tell our little story with some snaps from out night away!
The entrance to Australasia is through a small glass box by the Armani bulding... a hidden little treasure!
 Surf and Turf... Fillet steak and half lobster - delicious doesn't begin to cover it!!
 Chocolate torte with coconut ice cream for me.
 Panacota for Tom - how beautiful!
Time for The Lion King!
We had such a wonderful time away, but so happy to be back home with our little lady!

... and if you saw my Instagram picture, yes, I did cave and buy the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow! Blog post to follow!

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