16 January 2015

Review | The Gro Hush

A calm, content little baby is something every parent strives for. And for those occasions where your baby just won't settle, we often turn to white noise to help sooth...

The Gro Company have brought out a handy (litterally) little device called The Gro Hush, a portable white noise baby calmer, which transmits soothing white noise directly to your baby without disturbing others around you.
When we were asked to review The Gro Hush I was extremely excited, but a little nervous to see whether it would calm a then very strong-minded five month old!

When it arrived I was immediately impressed by its compact size. There is an elastic strap which allows you to hold it against your baby's ear, while playing one of three white noise sounds (heartbeat, rainfall and waves). There is a soft cushioning around the device so it sits softly against your baby's ear while soothing them. This also is removable to wash if needed! It also comes in a protective case, which is perfect if popping in your changing bag!
I mentioned earlier that when testing The Gro Hush, Aria was already five months old. This unfortunately meant we did struggle with the device, as she was already 'set in her ways' with how she liked to be settled. i.e. not snuggled delicately into mummy like a newborn! So for us, The Gro Hush didn't provide any comfort to Aria. However, I did let my friend use this on her newborn when round visiting, and it worked in less than five minutes!

Overall, I do think The Gro Hush is a wonderful product, but is much better suited for a newborn/younger baby.

Have you tried The Gro Hush? What were your thoughts?

*we were very kindly sent The Gro Hush to review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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