28 February 2015

Aria's Eight Month Update

I feel like in the last few weeks Aria has become such a little person, and I can see her toddler-like personality coming through! She's well and truly out of the 'baby' stage now...
  • She's on the move!! We've had a few 'proper' crawls, but right now she is busy perfecting how to drag herself along the floor using her forearms, but my gosh is she quick!
  • She has become a lot more vocal, and is trying to communicate more. We think she is trying to say 'mama', 'dada', 'hiya' and 'yea', but it is still a bit hit and miss, we think it's more sound that words for now.

It feels like a hectic month, as usual, but I'm not sure what we've actually done! You will see in this week's vlog that we tried our hand at at-home messy play, which ended in tears! It turns out Aria is a bit terrified of jelly! As well as the hoover...
Aria is still sleeping through the night, but has had the odd night where she's woken in tears, sobbing her little heart out. We think it's either nightmares or teething, as she doesn't have a temperature, but it is very out of the ordinary for her as she usually sleeps right through the night.

She's also been sleeping longer at night, waking an hour or so later than her usual. I am definitely not complaining, that hour seems to do us both the world of good!

We are still on four 6oz bottles a day and three meals, plus the odd afternoon snack depending how much lunch she had. She's still eating really well, but a lot of the time she needs a distraction of some sort - usually Bruno Mars as she is literally obsessed with Uptown Funk right now! It's on at least 6/8 times a day!
Our routine hasn't changed in the past couple of months, as it is still working really well for us. I did a post on it not too long ago, which you can read here, as well as a more detailed bed time routine here!

I'm literally the worst mother for forgetting to get Aria weighted! I am planning to get her weighed next week, so will update this section then. But until then, I haven't had her weighed since the start of December... naughty mummy!

Aria is slowly growing out of her 6-9 month clothes and is just about ready for size 4 nappies. There's so many lovely spring pieces in store right now that I can't wait for her to be moving into 9-12 month clothes!
Next month will be a '9 months in, 9 months out' update... oh my gosh!!

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17 February 2015

The High Street Pillowtalk Dupe?

It's no secret I love me some make-up, and the Kylie Jenner lip liner trend has been covered by pretty much every beauty blogger out there.

I've not got the cash to splash out on the high end lip liners, that are apparently 'the one' that miss Jenner actually uses, so I've been on the hunt for the perfect high street lip liner, and I think I may have just found it!

Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob is a complete bargain at £3.99, and from the different brands I've tried this is by far my favourite.

Unlike other lip liners, this has a very creamy texture, which doesn't feel like I'm scratching a pencil across my lips! This makes application a doddle, and can be used to fully fill in your lip if you want that matte lip look.

I chose the colour Eastend Snob, which I've heard since that is a perfect dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk liner which is a steep £16. Unless you've the money to splash on the CT, the Rimmel £3.99 does a great job! I don't think there is anything more I would want from a lip liner.

*apologetic 'feeling like a dick' pose disclaimer*
What I'm wearing: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob, with The Bodyshop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in 11 Nude Allure.

I love how it twists up, rather than needing to be sharpened. I think this gives an easier application and there's no fear of breaking any product off.

It feels really moisturising and the lasting power is great. I'm constantly kissing Aria and getting drool-coated fingers forced into my mouth, so I have good authority to tell you that this lasts ages on your lips before needing to be reapplied.

It's natural enough to use on an every day basis, giving that 'my lips but better' look, but can also be built up for a full on Kylie look. Personally, the full on look isn't for me as I'm still getting used to the lip liner look on myself, but overall I do think liner finishes off any make-up look perfectly.

Have you tried the Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner?

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16 February 2015

5 Ways to Survive a Baby Group!

Have you ever walked into a new baby group and felt intimidated? Or has a bad experience left a sour taste in your mouth? It can all feel a little Mean Girls, can't it?

I know a lot of people really dread going to new baby groups, especially when you don't know anyone else there.

I thought I'd share with you 5 tips on ways to survive a baby group!

1. Keep your options open.
When you sign up to a new baby group, don't feel like you are committed to going every single week. You may go in with all these expectations, but actually find the class isn't for you. Every group has a different focus, and a different set of people attending. Don't discount them all if you don't enjoy it.

2. Compliments and Questions. 
Like that little girls dress? Think that boy is rocking those moccs? Tell them! One of the best ways to make conversation is to compliment - I mean, don't you just love it when strangers tell you how cute your baby is?! Even asking if they've been to this group before, or if they do coffee can strike up a conversation and give you that 'in'.

3. Be approachable.
It's easy to wonder why no one spoke to you, but are you being approachable? Make eye contact, smile, and show others that you're willing to chat - even if you are too shy to make the first move. Body language is key, and if you are closed and in your own little bubble, it will make others feel like you don't want to be bothered.

4. Let your baby do the hard work!
I've ended up speaking to so many mums by our babies interacting first. Whether it's trying to grab one another's socks, or sharing toys, it's a great conversation starter with parents!

5. Bring a buddy.
If you really dread the thought of going alone, bring a friend along! If they have a baby it's even better, but I've seen people turn up with their friends or grandparents just for a bit of company. You can see they are more relaxed, so are open to taking more knowing they have that security there of a familiar face.

Hopefully these tips have helped, and give you a bit of confidence when going to your next baby group!

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14 February 2015

The Fashion Faux Pas of a 90's Kid

Scrolling through Instagram, I actually felt a little jealous...and saddened by how bloody gorgeous the Jenner sisters are! I mean, no kid should look that good at 17/19.

They probably never went through the embarrassing fashion faux pas we are supposed to make as kids. Which got me thinking about the trends when I was growing up, and the fashion faux pas of a 90's kid!
Retro windbreakers 

Tattoo chokers

Body glitter  

Bubble bags

Slap Bands
Stick on earrings

Glitter hairspray

Tracks suits... With poppers

Silicone bangles

Plastic butterfly hair clips

I could easily write 100 more things that I remember as a 90's kid!... Tooth gems, crimping, toe socks... then there's the return of the scrunchy and jelly shoes....

What do you remember from being a 90's kid?

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12 February 2015

Our Bedtime Routine | Sleeping Through the Night

After mentioning in Aria's seven month update that she is now sleeping through the night, I was asked a few times to do a post on her bedtime routine.

So by popular demand, here is our typical bedtime routine!

3:30/4:00 Aria will wake from her third and final nap of the day, which lasts about 30 minutes. We will then have a play in the living room before dinner.

4:45/5:00 Dinner time! This is usually a purée, yoghurt and fruit. (I can do a seperate meal ideas post if you like)

5:15/5:30 We head back to the living room for a bit of a play before bathtime.

5:45 Aria has her bath and a good splash with her toys, then it's teeth brushed (all two of them!) and back downstairs.

6:00 Aria's out the bath and wrapped up in her towel, where I'll give her a massage and then get her PJ's on.

6:15 6oz bottle then it's more playtime, and a bit of Disney Junior before it's time for bed.

6:45/7:00 When Aria is yawning quite frequently and rubbing her eyes, we take her up to bed. We pop her mobile on (we use this Vtech one which I highly recommend) and give her a big kiss before we head out the room.

Aria will take anywhere between 15-30 minutes to fall asleep. She does moan and give a little whimper, but we usually just ignore her unless she sounds like she's getting herself a little worked up. If she does, we just head back in the room, pop her dummy in then leave again. This sometimes happens 5/6 times, but we are persistent in not giving her any attention after we've put her down.

Once she is down, that is her until 6:30/7:00am!

Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't always like this. We managed to get Aria going through the night by waking her around 10:30/11:00 enough to change her nappy and give her a feed. This meant she was completely full and if she did wake in the night, we knew it wouldn't be hunger.

After about a month of this, Aria stopped drinking the bottle we tried to give her. She would only take a few sips, almost like it was soothing her back to sleep, so we decided to stop waking her for it and see how she did.... and we found that was her going from 7pm to 5am! This eventually increased to what is now a sensible-ish 6:30.

I hope for those of you looking to get your little one to sleep through the night, you found this helpful!

Now I just hope I haven't jinxed myself writing this and Aria wakes at silly o'clock... check my Twitter in the morning to see! :)

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10 February 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

So, I made a very naughty purchase last week! One that I feel may have changed my life a little, and how could I not share that with you all?!

I've been heavily persuaded by so many beauty bloggers recently (Corrie, I'm talking 'bout you here!) that the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow was something that I just had to have in my life, and I can tell you with a beaming, perfectly bronzed face that they were right.

It's not often at all that I splurge on high end products, so when I do, they need to be well worth the many pennies I am investing.
According to the Charlotte Tilbury website, this kit can be used to slim, sculpt, shorten, trim and highlight your features to create a beautiful countoured face.

"It’s amazing what clever shading and highlighting tricks can do to your facial framework - it’s an illusion that I use all the time, particularly for red carpet scrutiny, and my clients can’t get enough of it."

Now, I'm no beauty expert, but I can tell you this product is as beautiful on the face as it is in the rose gold packaging. I mean seriously, how pretty! It is easily buildable so can be used daily (if like me you really feel you need to justify the £49 you splurged!) or it can be built to create the Kim Kardashian-esque look we all so long for.
The bronzer gives you instant cheek bones, and is a colour I think would suit all skin colours. While the highlighter gives this incredibly natural candle lit glow, perfect for giving that 'glowing from within' look, without looking like you've piled on a tonne of make-up to pull it off.

I think this may be the start of a very expensive love affair with Charlotte Tilbury! Thankfully, there aren't any stores local to me that stock her range, so it will keep my new obsession at bay... for now!

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? What high end product should I be putting on my wishlist next?

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8 February 2015

Weekend Baby Stlye #4

I've been a little bored of dressing Aria in pink recently, so decided we needed to get a little gingham in our lives!
Top M&S | Leggings Next | Shoes Buffalo & Bear
I absolutely love Aria in this outfit, I really need to dress her in it more often. She does look like a little cowgirl in it, but I think that's what's so adorable about it!
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Weekend style linky badge

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5 February 2015

Confessions of a Moccaholic

My name is Nicola, and I am a moccaholic. There, I said it. You can blame my new addiction on the gorgeous brand Buffalo and Bear.
Aria isn't a huge fan of shoes usually, but she absolutely loves her gorgeous moccasins! And I certainly don't blame her.
The quality as you can see it's incredible. They are sturdy, but soft enough of Aria's little feet, and the elasticated openings mean they stay on her feet really well.

Looking at the designs on the Buffalo and Bear website, I can see us going a little legging and moccasin daft! What's even better is that they are a local company based in Cumbria - this to me, makes them even more special!

I absolutely urge you to go and have a look at their gorgeous range, and give them a follow in Twitter and Instagram too - you'll soon be as obsessed as I am.

Also, I just saw they will be bringing out a pair of rose gold moccasins very soon.... my heart is literally racing!

*we were very kindly sent these moccasins to review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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