28 February 2015

Aria's Eight Month Update

I feel like in the last few weeks Aria has become such a little person, and I can see her toddler-like personality coming through! She's well and truly out of the 'baby' stage now...
  • She's on the move!! We've had a few 'proper' crawls, but right now she is busy perfecting how to drag herself along the floor using her forearms, but my gosh is she quick!
  • She has become a lot more vocal, and is trying to communicate more. We think she is trying to say 'mama', 'dada', 'hiya' and 'yea', but it is still a bit hit and miss, we think it's more sound that words for now.

It feels like a hectic month, as usual, but I'm not sure what we've actually done! You will see in this week's vlog that we tried our hand at at-home messy play, which ended in tears! It turns out Aria is a bit terrified of jelly! As well as the hoover...
Aria is still sleeping through the night, but has had the odd night where she's woken in tears, sobbing her little heart out. We think it's either nightmares or teething, as she doesn't have a temperature, but it is very out of the ordinary for her as she usually sleeps right through the night.

She's also been sleeping longer at night, waking an hour or so later than her usual. I am definitely not complaining, that hour seems to do us both the world of good!

We are still on four 6oz bottles a day and three meals, plus the odd afternoon snack depending how much lunch she had. She's still eating really well, but a lot of the time she needs a distraction of some sort - usually Bruno Mars as she is literally obsessed with Uptown Funk right now! It's on at least 6/8 times a day!
Our routine hasn't changed in the past couple of months, as it is still working really well for us. I did a post on it not too long ago, which you can read here, as well as a more detailed bed time routine here!

I'm literally the worst mother for forgetting to get Aria weighted! I am planning to get her weighed next week, so will update this section then. But until then, I haven't had her weighed since the start of December... naughty mummy!

Aria is slowly growing out of her 6-9 month clothes and is just about ready for size 4 nappies. There's so many lovely spring pieces in store right now that I can't wait for her to be moving into 9-12 month clothes!
Next month will be a '9 months in, 9 months out' update... oh my gosh!!

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