14 February 2015

The Fashion Faux Pas of a 90's Kid

Scrolling through Instagram, I actually felt a little jealous...and saddened by how bloody gorgeous the Jenner sisters are! I mean, no kid should look that good at 17/19.

They probably never went through the embarrassing fashion faux pas we are supposed to make as kids. Which got me thinking about the trends when I was growing up, and the fashion faux pas of a 90's kid!
Retro windbreakers 

Tattoo chokers

Body glitter  

Bubble bags

Slap Bands
Stick on earrings

Glitter hairspray

Tracks suits... With poppers

Silicone bangles

Plastic butterfly hair clips

I could easily write 100 more things that I remember as a 90's kid!... Tooth gems, crimping, toe socks... then there's the return of the scrunchy and jelly shoes....

What do you remember from being a 90's kid?

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