22 March 2015

Review | Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

Aria is at the age now where throwing her dummy out the pram is absolutely hysterical to her, which means that I need about a million dummies in my bag if we are out and about. As if I don't have enough junk in my bag already!

That's where the great people at Milton come in. They've come out with a handy little device that will sterilise a dummy within 15 minutes... genius, I know. It means I can go out and about as normal not only with a lighter bag, but with the peace of mind that I will always have a safe and sterilised dummy to hand if needed.


18 March 2015

Nine Truths about Labour

Now Aria is fast approaching the 'nine months in, nine months out' milestone, I've been reflecting a lot on what it was like giving birth, and the unspoken truths that come with it.

That being said, I thought it was only fair to share nine truths about labour.


16 March 2015

Weaning | What I've Learned So Far

Aria is coming up nine months now and we are fully into second stage weaning. Overall, it's gone really well. She seems to like most foods given to her (unless she's in 'one of those' moods!) and enjoys a mixture of both spoon feeding and baby led weaning.


15 March 2015

Giveway | Buffalo & Bear Leggings

Well my dears, it's time for another giveaway! I'm pretty sure you are going to LOVE this one...

You may remember my review a couple of months ago, gushing over the most adorable Buffalo & Bear moccasins for Aria. If not, take a look here!
Well, I've teamed up again with the gorgeous Buffalo & Bear to offer one of you lucky lot a pair of their leggings! Exciting, right?!


11 March 2015

Don't Judge Me

I've been pretty lucky in avoiding the 'judgemental cliques' at baby play groups, until today. I've never experienced someone judging me for my parenting choices, and I certainly never expected it to come from someone I barely know.


7 March 2015


Having tucked Aria in an hour earlier than her usual bedtime, and falling asleep within 2 minutes, I sit here reflecting on our day, and what a day it's been.

This morning we took a family trip to the aquarium for the first time, which was a wonderful experience seeing Aria's face light up as the fish swam past in all their colours, shapes and sizes.

Once home, we had some quality time playing in the living room when finally, after weeks of encouragement, Aria learned to 'traditionally' crawl! I can't explain the emotion I felt watching her learn to manoeuvre herself from toy to toy, person to person. The tears rolled down my face as I grabbed the camera to capture the tremendous milestone.

Of course, it was proudly shared across my social media, which you can see here.

I just can't believe she is on the move. Every milestone is a step closer to her getting her independence, but this one seems to be the biggest so far. I have an eight month old little girl who no longer needs me to take her where she wants, she will make her own way there. She will follow me as I leave the room and no doubt hold on to my jeans for dear life as I try to sort her dinner!

So tonight, I will be have a little glass of vino to celebrate my little girl not being so little any more. Cheers everyone!

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5 March 2015

The Mummy Daughter Tag! | Vlog

For this weeks vlog Maya and I decided to do the mummy daughter tag! We had so much fun filming it, let me know if you'd like to see more of Maya in my vlogs!

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3 March 2015

Pamper Night | Time for Me.

There's nothing better than a well-deserved pamper evening which, let's face it, is all the time. 

Last night was the official 'mummy pamper evening' I had eagerly awaited since my 5am start that morning. Despite getting Aria back down at 6 until an extremely reasonable 7:30, I felt like a complete and utter zombie all day. She's a good sleeper on the whole, hence my 'I feel like shit' face today. I digress... now back to my pamper evening! 

The moment we had cleared up from dinner, I eagerly hopped upstairs to light some candles, run a bath and withdraw myself from the world for a moment. 
I have been addicted to Lush recently, so I popped a new favourite bath bomb of mine in, the Sakura, and my God does this smell delicious. There's no colouration to the water which I love (I've had some that resemble wee before, and no one wants to bathe that, as scrummy as the product may be!)

After I lit some candles, I popped on the Simple Deep Cleansing face mask, and the Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery hair mask, and soaked my stresses away... Bliss! 
Once I was well and truly looking like a prune, it was time to get out and I lathered myself in the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil, which I received in my last Nonabox. Not forgetting the face, I used my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser - which you can see I'm scraping the barrel on! 

Now fully pampered and relaxed, I hopped into bed at a wild 9:30pm with my Bootea Teatox Bedtime Cleanse tea (review to follow) and propped up my iPad to catch up on a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars. 
I must make an effort to pamper myself more often, and enjoy some well deserved 'me' time. 

What's your favourite way to relax and wind down?

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1 March 2015

10 Reasons to Love Hanna Marin

I think you all know by now that I'm Pretty Little Liars obsessed. I'm well and truly part of the PLL Army *cringe* but so true.

I find it near impossible to pick my favourite character. I have a huge soft spot for Aria (great name, right?) and lets not get on to the subject of Ezra Fitz... ooooft! But if I just had to pick, I'd need to go for Hanna.

The lines she comes out with make me laugh out loud with a 'oh, that's so something I would say' charm, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite 'Hanna-isms'

but she does have her deep and meaningful moments too...

and one purely because it made me laugh out loud...

Who's your favourite PLL character?

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