15 April 2015

Aria's Nine Month Update

Can someone please tell me how it is even possible that I have a 9 month old baby?

Aria has been alive as long as I was pregnant, and that is a really scary thought. She is definitely turning into a little pre-toddler now, and her baby days are well and truly behind her... but as any mum will know, she'll always be my baby!

  • Aria is well and truly crawling now, and my gosh is that girl fast! 
  • She is trying to pull herself up on everything, and is in the first stages of walking when we hold her hands.
  • Her top two teeth are starting to cut through, as well as her next two bottom teeth! Which means we are going through teething gel/powders/Calpol like nobody's business.
  • She is chatting non stop and can say 'mama' and 'dada' when she wants us.
Aria is still going down around 6:30/7:00 but has been waking a littler earlier than usual, sometimes at 5:30! I can't tell you how glad I am that the clocks go forward tomorrow! She has also woken a few times crying in the middle of the night, just needing a cuddle to get herself back to sleep. I'm putting this down to teething, as she seems to have 4 coming in at once.

I've noticed that now she is on the move, going down at night is so much easier. She barely makes a sound and is asleep within about 5 minutes of us putting her to bed.

She's trying to cut out her last nap of the day, and will sometimes go 5/6 hours without a nap, but I still think she needs that last nap around 3:30 just to take the edge off.

Aria is still on four 6oz bottles, but eating has been a little more of a challenge this month. I know I say it a lot (don't we all) but I do think it's down to teething. She likes things that are cold rather than hot, as I think it provides some relief for her gums, and she isn't keen on any lumps at the moment, so I'm having to make sure I make really smooth purées or use pouches. Although, she does really like her finger foods and will more often than not take my toast out of my hand (literally) and gobble it up !

Our routine hasn't changed too much from the past few months. I was thinking of doing a 'typical day routine' vlog for my YouTube channel, if you would like to see? Let me know and I will post this in the next few weeks!

Oh my gosh, am I ever going to get this girl weighed?! I actually have no idea what weight she is, I really need to get my arse in gear and get her to the local health clinic to have her checked!

We're starting to get into Aria's 9-12 month wardrobe which I have to admit, makes me a little sad! Going up a size seems like such a big step in her growing up, but I'm looking forward to getting her into some new bits, like the things I picked up from Tesco which you can see in my haul!



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