11 March 2015

Don't Judge Me

I've been pretty lucky in avoiding the 'judgemental cliques' at baby play groups, until today. I've never experienced someone judging me for my parenting choices, and I certainly never expected it to come from someone I barely know.

To be honest, it wasn't anything major, other than a snide remark about my decision to stop taking Aria to swimming lessons until she is a little older. But it got me thinking about those 'cliquey mums' at baby groups, who until now were just a myth.

I've never felt isolated at baby groups and I've always found it easy to make small talk with new people and form friendships. Maybe I've been lucky with the groups I've gone to and never encountered anyone difficult, which is possibly why this encounter took me a little by surprise.
I've been reflecting on it all afternoon; maybe I'm reading too much into it, maybe I'm too hormonal this week, or maybe she's just a cow that needs to mind her own bloody business... OK, that's definitely the hormones talking!

I believe in giving people second chances so will make the point of chatting to her and her friend again next week, to see if it was intentional or not, but it has definitely opened my eyes to the world of cliquey mums...

Have you had any experiences like this? I'd love to know how you dealt with it!

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