3 March 2015

Pamper Night | Time for Me.

There's nothing better than a well-deserved pamper evening which, let's face it, is all the time. 

Last night was the official 'mummy pamper evening' I had eagerly awaited since my 5am start that morning. Despite getting Aria back down at 6 until an extremely reasonable 7:30, I felt like a complete and utter zombie all day. She's a good sleeper on the whole, hence my 'I feel like shit' face today. I digress... now back to my pamper evening! 

The moment we had cleared up from dinner, I eagerly hopped upstairs to light some candles, run a bath and withdraw myself from the world for a moment. 
I have been addicted to Lush recently, so I popped a new favourite bath bomb of mine in, the Sakura, and my God does this smell delicious. There's no colouration to the water which I love (I've had some that resemble wee before, and no one wants to bathe that, as scrummy as the product may be!)

After I lit some candles, I popped on the Simple Deep Cleansing face mask, and the Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery hair mask, and soaked my stresses away... Bliss! 
Once I was well and truly looking like a prune, it was time to get out and I lathered myself in the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil, which I received in my last Nonabox. Not forgetting the face, I used my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser - which you can see I'm scraping the barrel on! 

Now fully pampered and relaxed, I hopped into bed at a wild 9:30pm with my Bootea Teatox Bedtime Cleanse tea (review to follow) and propped up my iPad to catch up on a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars. 
I must make an effort to pamper myself more often, and enjoy some well deserved 'me' time. 

What's your favourite way to relax and wind down?

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