7 March 2015


Having tucked Aria in an hour earlier than her usual bedtime, and falling asleep within 2 minutes, I sit here reflecting on our day, and what a day it's been.

This morning we took a family trip to the aquarium for the first time, which was a wonderful experience seeing Aria's face light up as the fish swam past in all their colours, shapes and sizes.

Once home, we had some quality time playing in the living room when finally, after weeks of encouragement, Aria learned to 'traditionally' crawl! I can't explain the emotion I felt watching her learn to manoeuvre herself from toy to toy, person to person. The tears rolled down my face as I grabbed the camera to capture the tremendous milestone.

Of course, it was proudly shared across my social media, which you can see here.

I just can't believe she is on the move. Every milestone is a step closer to her getting her independence, but this one seems to be the biggest so far. I have an eight month old little girl who no longer needs me to take her where she wants, she will make her own way there. She will follow me as I leave the room and no doubt hold on to my jeans for dear life as I try to sort her dinner!

So tonight, I will be have a little glass of vino to celebrate my little girl not being so little any more. Cheers everyone!

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