16 March 2015

Weaning | What I've Learned So Far

Aria is coming up nine months now and we are fully into second stage weaning. Overall, it's gone really well. She seems to like most foods given to her (unless she's in 'one of those' moods!) and enjoys a mixture of both spoon feeding and baby led weaning.

There are certainly days that are more difficult than others, as you may have seen from my YouTube video! It's days like these that I think about all the things I have learned from our weaning journey, and the things that have helped us get through these testing times!

Be patient.
It may take you hours, literally, to feed your baby. But patience is key. I sometimes find myself getting frustrated that Aria takes soo long to eat her meals, but it's important to remember it's a new experience that is meant to be fun. And if that means spending hours flinging the contents of her spoon onto her gorgeous new top so she can pick it off piece by piece, so be it...

Don't take it personally.
You've spent hours slaving over a hot stove, making the most delicious purées possible, and your little one turns her face in pure disgust when it touches their lips... thanks! It's hard not to take it personally, but it doesn't mean they don't like your meals, they may just not be hungry. They won't starve, so don't worry if they chose not to eat. We all have days where we feel less hungry, or certain foods just don't do it for us, so give them a little bit of slack.
That home made purée may make your baby close their lips so tights air won't get through, but try not to let it discourage you. Try again with the same meal a day or two later and see how they feel. You'll be surprised how many times Aria has refused to eat a meal, only to devour it the next day! They say you need try something five times before you know if you really like a food or not (adults included!).

Distractions do help.
Call me a bad mum, but if Aria isn't focused on her meal and is too busy trying to play, I pop Mickey Mouse or some music videos on! Not ideal I know, but it really does help her concentration on her dinner! Finger foods are a great distraction too, and help them practice feeding themselves. We've also got a couple of toys that suction to the tray on her high chair, which are a great investment.

Keep your cool.
Probably the most important point of all. It's so easy to get frustrated when your little one is being difficult, but losing your temper won't solve anything! It will more than likely make things worse. They will feel the tension from you and object more, which makes you more frustrated... you see the viscous cycle. 

What stage of weaning are you at now? How has it been for you so far?

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