25 April 2015

Back to Blogging

You may have noticed I've been a little quiet on my blog and YouTube channel these past few weeks, or you may not give a rats ass where I've been!
I've been having a bit of bloggers block, and life has gotten in the way of me writing. And that's OK. I've been going through at bit of personal stuff which hasn't left me with much inspiration to write.

As much as I love blogging and YouTube, sometimes it's good to have a little breather and just appreciate the moments around you, without the need to film or write it down.

But as much as I've had going on, there hasn't been a day that I haven't wanted to write something, anything. It's been a good reflection for my blog and channel and it's made me realise that without it, I'd have such a hole in my life!

So although I may not have my mojo back fully, I have a lot I want to write about and film for you guys, some personal bits as well as some exciting things I've got coming up.

So please bear with me while I get back into the swing of things, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I have a few videos ready to upload for you guys!

Much love,

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