2 April 2015

Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

My teenage years are well and truly behind me. I'm 26 in a couple of weeks, so although that may not seem old, it is more than enough time to feel like my teenage years are a distant memory. There are a few things I'd tell my younger self, to hopefully make those difficult years a little easier...

Stop worrying about what other people think.
This is something you will come to learn when you are in your twenties, but it is something I really wish you had sooner. Popularity is irrelevant outside of school, so stop worrying whether people think you are 'cool' or whether they approve of your decisions. 'Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind'.

Stop crying over boys.
So the boy you had a crush on for about a million years dumped you after three days of 'going out', please do not spend the next three weeks crying into your pillow listening to your 'heartbreak' mix on your iPod. He is a loser and was never going to be your future husband anyway. You will encounter many more losers before you meet the love of your life, so don't waste those nights you could be on MSN chatting to your friends be wasted on him.

Try harder in school.
Coasting on the bare minimum is all fine and well, but it is such a waste of your potential. Please don't wait until the very last exam of your school years to realise that the harder you work, the better results you will get. Revise harder, listen to your teachers (except your Geography teacher, she's a b*tch) and don't leave your homework to the last minute.

Keep sticking to your guns.
This is something I want to applaud you on, and give you a big well done on never giving in to peer pressure. I know how stubborn you are, so let people know you will only ever do something because you want to and because you feel ready.

That Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse is doing nothing for you.
You have lovely, young skin that doesn't need to be caked on with foundation. Trust me when I tell you that less is more, and that your mum will embarrass the hell out of you at the No.7 counter getting you a tinted moisturiser that she feels is more 'age appropriate'.

Stop falling out with your friends over stupid sh*t.
Who cares if she broke your folding ruler, or danced with the boy you fancy at the disco (that you never even told her you liked, anyway). Seriously, you will be lucky when you get to my age to say you have been best friends with these girls for 20+ years, and although these will make great stories over a bottle of prosecco, they really aren't worth the silent treatment for a week.

There are so many more things I could tell my teenage self - what would you tell your teenage self?

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