29 May 2015

Aria's Eleventh Month Update

Aria, you're 11 months old! Only a few more weeks until your first birthday. To say I'm excited is an understatement, I've just no idea how a year has gone by so quickly!
Aria's personality keeps growing every month. She is the sweetest, most gentil little girl and is so delicate with everything she does. She has a smile that can brighten the room and loves showing off her toothy grin at any chance she gets! Although, the independent, determined and at times stubborn side is coming through fast! Definitely her mothers daughter! She is desperate to do things herself and when she can't, my gosh can that girl let you know she's not happy! 

Anyway, on to the milestones...
  • She has cut two more teeth, so we're now at a grand total of eight! 
  • She has learned to stand unaided, and she's so impressed with herself!
  • She's now copying us a lot more and will initiate games with us. 
  • She can now say 'mama', 'dada', 'hiya' and 'doggy'!
  • She's cruising around the furniture. 
  • She's feeding herself more and gets the idea of how the food scoops onto the spoon. 

I don't want to jinx things, but Aria's sleep is fantastic at the moment. She has anywhere between 1-1.5 hours at 9:00 and around 1.5-2 hours at 2:00. She goes to bed between 6:30-7 and recently has been waking at 8!! That extra hour she's giving me at the moment in the morning is complete bliss, but I know how the good phases end just as quick as the bad!
Aria has her three meals plus an afternoon snack. She's on two 8oz bottles and loves to drink water - long may that continue! If you'd like to see a meal ideas post, let me know! 

Pretty much covered that in sleeping I think! Apart from that extra hour in the morning, her routine hasn't changed since last month. 

I'm not sure how many times I can say I still haven't had Aria weighed! I really want to have her weighed before her first birthday, so I'm going to make sure she is weighed before then!
She's starting to outgrow her 9-12 month clothes, so I'm trying to plan her 12-18 month wardrobe for when she does. She's still in 6-12 month shoes, but in sizes I think she's now a 2.5 - but I'm waiting until she's waking before getting her feet properly measured... That Clark's milestone is getting nearer!! 

Next month I will have a one year old. I can't wait to do a full birthday post! 



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