2 May 2015

Aria's Ten Month Update

This month has been a busy one for our calendar, it feels like Aria has done so much this month, more so than any other month!
  • She can now climb the stairs.
  • She's got four more teeth this month, three at the top and one at the bottom.
  • She is walking with her walker, and sometimes just by holding her hands.
  • She can now clap hands.
  • She is waving.
  • She can say 'hiya' as well as 'mama' and 'dada'.

Aria is still sleeping really well and goes from 6:30/7 to 6:30/7 in the morning... and have had the off cheeky 8:00 'lie in' from her, which is bliss!

She has gone down to two naps a day now; one at 9:00 for anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour 30! Her second nap is around 2:00 and again can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30. We've also started putting her in her cot for her naps when we are at home, where she used to just sleep in her pram, and I think this is giving her the proper sleep she needs at this stage. Before now she would just scream if we put her in her cot so it's great she's finally grasped the day-time nap thing!
Aria is still having four 6oz bottles, but I'm wondering if she should be cutting out her 3rd bottle yet around 3:00, as she is a bit hit or miss with that one still.

Mealtimes have been much easier, and she is trying a lot more foods, particularly finger foods as she is very into feeding herself at the moment. Because of this I've been a bit more creative in the kitchen and stopped relying on pouches as much, and only give her one if she won't eat what I've made!

Aria's routine has changed slightly with her only having two naps now, but other than that everything is the same as it has been for the past few months.
Shock horror, I still haven't had Aria weighed! I've not been to the local clinic as I haven't had any concerns with her, so would only be taking her out of curiosity for her weight, but as I know she's doing well I've not been bothered about it. But I will try and make the point of going before her 12 month check up.

We are fully into Aria's 9-12 month clothes and I've been loving the new summer wardrobe! Let's hope this nice weather sticks around :)

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